Talk to Our Annapolis General Contractors about your Maryland Renovation Projects!


Our experienced Annapolis general contractors can help you with any of your building needs. Let us help you renovate any of the rooms in your home, increase the size of your home or enhance your outdoors with new features like porches. No matter what you need, our contractors can build it for you.

You can call 302 – 841 – 5752 to have all your questions answered during a no-obligation consultation.

General Contractors in Annapolis, MD
General Contractors in Annapolis, MD
General Contractors in Annapolis, MD

Are Our General Contractors in Annapolis Right for You?

No matter what you need done, you want it done right. Excel Builders is a team that you can trust to do it right the first time. We are proud of our reputation around Maryland for providing high quality work for affordable prices. Any work we do for you is done with the expectation that you’ll be leaving it to the next generation. Beyond our dedication, you’ll enjoy…

           Complete Customization for Every Project

Our contractors know that they’re working with your vision and your home. It’s important to us that the work completed is the work you wanted, and gives you the function that you need. We work very closely with you during the initial design, so that we know you’ve had a chance to provide input on every part that interests you.

           Working with a Friendly, Family Company

We take the quality of our work very seriously, but we’re easy going with everything else. Because we are an independently-owned family company, we can work flexibly with our clients. We also work very closely with our clients. We make an effort to always be there for you throughout the project. Call anytime with questions about the work.

           Affordable Work that Lasts

We guarantee the quality of our work in several ways—by choosing the best people for our team, by choosing the best materials for our work and by holding ourselves to some of the industry’s toughest standards. However, we strive to do all of that as affordably as possible. We negotiate hard with our suppliers and pass the savings onto you.

Projects Completed by Our Contractors

We have worked on many great projects all over Maryland, and you can see some of them right here. We have not only worked with many different kinds of projects, but also many different materials and styles. Our experience has given us the ability to design creative solutions for all of your biggest challenges.

We’re just a phone call away if you’re ready to start working with us. You can also reach us through the website.