Talk to Our Annapolis General Contractors about your Maryland Renovation Projects!


Call our experienced Annapolis general contractors when you have large-scale building needs. As whole-home builders with many new constructions under our belt, we have designed and built every key part of a home may times.

We can provide planning or construction services when you need general contractors for large projects. Do you have a large new kitchen remodeling job in mind? Do you want to fill your whole home with more natural light to save on energy? Do you want to add a whole new floor? We can handle everything up to and including new custom homes.

You can call 302 – 841 – 5752 to have all your questions answered during a no-obligation consultation.

General Contractors in Annapolis, MD
General Contractors in Annapolis, MD
General Contractors in Annapolis, MD

Full-Service General Contracting

Excel Builders can help if you have a job that needs the attention of an experienced team. We handle large-scale and luxurious home improvement projects, including home remodeling, roofing replacements, home additions, and more.

We can bring the latest high-tech comforts to your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. In past remodeling projects, we’ve enhanced these rooms with features like heated floors, raised ceilings, and skylights.

Remember that home renovations aren’t limited to just the interior design. We can also help you add dreamy new indoor/outdoor features. Build a new porch or deck that gives you breathtaking views of the ocean. Replace or redesign your entire roof and throw on some eye-catching new gutters.

We love to help homeowners complete their original visions for their home. No matter what kind of carpentry, electronic, or other workmanship that requires we are prepared to assist.

Are Our General Contractors in Annapolis Right for You?

No matter what you need done, you want it done right. Excel Builders is a team that you can trust to do it right the first time.

The level of craftsmanship that we bring to each job comes from our rich experience building homes in the area. We know what it takes to build homes and home features that can stand up moisture, storms, and other local risks.

We are proud of our reputation around Maryland for providing high quality work for clients who demand the best for their home construction projects. Any work we do for you is done with the expectation that you’ll be leaving it to the next generation. Beyond our dedication, you’ll enjoy…

Complete Customization for Every Project

Our contractors know that they’re working with your vision and your home. It’s important to us that the work completed is the work you wanted and gives you the function that you need.

We work very closely with you starting from the initial design,

Working with a Friendly, Family Company

We take the quality of our work very seriously, but we’re easy going with everything else. Because we are an independently-owned family company, we can work flexibly with our clients. We also work very closely with our clients. We make an effort to always be there for you throughout the project. Call anytime with questions about the work.

Affordable Work that Lasts

We guarantee the quality of our work in several ways—by choosing the best people for our team, by choosing the best materials for our work and by holding ourselves to some of the industry’s toughest standards. However, we strive to do all of that as affordably as possible. We negotiate hard with our suppliers and pass the savings onto you.

Projects Completed by Our Contractors

We have worked on many great projects all over Maryland, and you can see some of them right here. Over our years of experience, we have not only worked with many different kinds of projects, but also many different materials and styles.

Our experience has given us the ability to design creative solutions for all of your biggest challenges. From one room to grand remodeling projects to whole new homes, Excel Builders is ready to help.

We’re just a phone call away if you’re ready to talk about our general contracting and remodeling services. You can also reach us through the website.