Lewes, Delaware Custom Home Builders


We offer the finest custom home building services in Lewes, Delaware. We’ve been operating in Delaware for more than 25 years, and in that time, we’ve built and remodeled some of the finest custom homes in the state. The people of Maryland choose us again and again because we are completely committed to the vision of our clients.

We can also build or remodel with some of the latest and most-efficient materials, and we bring high standards and integrity to every home building project.

Custom Homes, Your Way

When we say “custom homes”, we mean that you have complete control over every design decision. Whatever you can dream, we can pull off, whether it is building a custom home or remodeling your kitchen. Our past work in Delaware includes gorgeous custom homes like these—

Of course we are happy to make recommendations if you have questions, but otherwise everything is left to you. You can plan the home of your dreams, and trust us to carry out your instructions to the letter. Your Lewes home will be inspected and available for your own inspections at each stage of construction just to ensure that it matches your vision. It really is all about you.

The Latest and Most Efficient Materials…

We can build and remodel homes with many types of materials. You may have already heard of green, energy-efficient materials such as Insulated Concrete Forms and Structural Insulated Panels. We were one of the first building teams in the Lewes, Delaware area to start building with these modern materials, and now we have more experience than just about anyone.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Because of the massive range of benefits, insulated concrete forms are one of our favorite materials to work with. It’s one of the most luxurious options, with the ability to keep homes shocking temperature stable from hour-to-hour and room-to-room. ICFs are also used in some of the sturdiest homes made today. Visit our ICF page, and learn how an ICF home was the only one to survive the destruction of hurricane Katrina.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Structural insulated panels are another popular and high-tech material that we use. These specials panels can be arranged off site, reducing waste and the time it takes to get you into your home. SIP homes can handle many times the weight of stick-built homes, making them great for certain home designs and highly-resistant to weather. They’re also resistant to erosion.

Traditional Materials also Available

We still build traditional stick-built homes, and it would be a pleasure to help you build your custom home or assist in any of your remodelling needs. We can use many materials to give your home the exact look you want. Even with stick-built homes, we can make recommendations that make them unusually efficient and comfortable.

Builders You Can Trust

Excel Builders is a family owned and operated business, and we bring our best to every home we build. Our clients in Lewes are not only protected by our strong building standards, but also the collection of guarantees and warranties that come with every home we build. We provide additional advice and support throughout the entire life of your home.

Contracting, Too!

We aren’t only one of the best local homebuilders, we also offer premium contracting services. It would be our pleasure to help you with your large and small home jobs. Renovations, remodeling and home additions from your bathroom to your kitchen have been part of our services for many decades. We also handle other important home work including things like roofing, renovations, siding decks and so much more.