Bethany Beach, Delaware Custom Home Builders


We build the best custom homes in Bethany Beach. We’ve been building homes in the area for decades, using some of the most modern materials and practices. When you choose Excel Builders for your custom home, you get to enjoy complete customization, a dedicated family team of construction workers and some of the best green expertise in Delaware.

Your Home to Design from the Ground Up

When you choose Excel Builders, you’ll enjoy as much input on the project as you want. Design a new custom home in Bethany Beach that looks like the ones you like, or do something completely original. In either case, our builders are glad to help. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about architecture. We’ll be able to explain the pros and cons of each decision so you know what to expect from your custom finished home. The end result is beautiful, like these custom homes we’ve completed—

We also have many different materials to choose from. You may not realize that materials are now on the market that can make homes far more comfortable and sturdy than ever before possible. We work with a wide variety of different materials, including—

Insulated Concrete Forms—Superiority for the Same Price?

Insulated Concrete Forms are one of the most exciting things to happen in construction for a long time. This super-efficient concrete can be used to craft custom homes that can take interesting, organic shapes, or form the rock-solid frame for a traditional-looking home. ICFs lose much less heat and cold than other materials, so your home temperature is stable.

As for strength, an ICF home was the last one standing in its neighborhood when hurricane Katrina struck. See it here. Depending on the moving price of concrete, ICF homes may cost the same as a traditional stick-built home.

Structural Insulated Panels—Another Great Premium Option

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are another great modern material for your new custom home. They can be constructed off-site and then arranged when they arrive to cut home construction and renovation time down to a fraction. Like ICFs, homes built with SIPs are highly resistant to weather, erosion and other dangers. Visit our SIP page here to learn more.

We Build Traditional Homes, Too

Looking for something a little more traditional? That’s just fine with us. Our custom services are also available for traditionally-built homes with all the features you want for them. Also, our green expertise still applies when building these homes. Our custom home builders can make your home more efficient than most in the Bethany Beach area.

Experts in Efficiency

We build some of the most energy-efficient homes in Delaware. We were among the first home builders in Bethany Beach to offer construction with Insulated Concrete Forms and Structural Insulated Panels. These materials offer massive advantages over traditional materials, not the least of which is eliminating most of the air leakage that traditional homes experience. We are also experts when it comes to green windows and other home solutions.

We’re Also Your Finest Local Contractors!

Homebuilding is just one of our many talents. We also offer contracting services of all kinds to homes and businesses in Bethany Beach including roofing and remodeling. Talk to us about your plans for your home. We can introduce you to the latest modern trends, the best styles to match your home, or evaluate your custom plans. Our builders can build just about anything, but we’re known for our custom remodeling and renovations, as well as our roofing and siding work in Bethany Beach.

Family Owned and Operated

Excel Builders has always been a family-owned construction business, and we think that brings something special to our work. You’ll see multiple generations at the job site, and you’ll be working closely with our owner and president as your home is being built. Not having any corporate guidelines to follow, we are flexible when it comes to working with our customers. Tell us about your needs whether it be custom home building, kitchen remodeling, roofing or more. We’d be glad to tell you how we can help.