Green Home Features

The latest advances in building science have given you more ways to go green than ever before.

Your next high-performance home can be equipped with abundant natural light features, solar panels, and all the features necessary for your home to be LEED-certified, including the coveted LEED Platinum certification.

All of our sustainable homes are fully custom, but here are just a few high-tech green features that can come standard with your home!

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

This concrete-based building material for green buildings is 70% more energy-efficient than wood. It also offers market-leading durability with superior fire, wind, and storm resistance.

You don’t need a tiny home to ensure that no heating or cooling is wasted. The most energy-efficient homes can also be the most comfortable. This material gives your home superior noise resistance and indoor air quality compared to wood-framed homes.

Calculated & Guaranteed Heating & Cooling Bills

Each new home plan is sent off to ex-NASA engineers to analyze and determine what the guaranteed monthly heating and cooling cost will be for your next home construction. Your energy savings report will be based on all building factors and techniques of Excel Builders and the particular home.

2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty

Our custom-built homes come standard with a 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty, the best homeowner warranty in the industry:

  • 1-year workmanship warranty
  • 2 year mechanical systems warranty
  • 10-year structural warranty

Carrier Infinity Greenspeed

As part of our sustainable building practices, our custom home builders choose some of the most effective parts on the market to handle heating on our custom homes.

The standard heat pump of our choice is the most efficient heat pump that is currently on the market. With a SEER rating of 20.5 and an HSPF rating of 13.0, the Greenspeed is the best of the best and the perfect fit for our homes (can be modified by request).

We can recommend and implement many other energy-star-compliant appliances and features into custom green homes. Ask us how your home can be prepared to meet green building standards.

We build net-zero energy homes, and homes that are outfitted to use renewable energy.

Fresh Air & Humidity Control System

Clean air is extremely important for a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment. The high-performance fresh air system we install during the construction process continuously replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

It also regulates moisture to prevent rot or mold damage. This system will improve your energy efficiency and conserve resources as well.

Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener & Water Purification System

Live healthier without all of the chemicals and additives in your water with a whole house, high-quality water filter, and softener.

The water coming from your tap will be better than bottled water and you’ll notice softer skin, hair, and many other benefits only a few weeks into living in your new luxury home. This system ensures that the water in your home is the best water you can provide to your family.

Lifetime Warranty Against Algae Growth On Your Roof

Ever notice those black dark streaks running down roofs? It’s not dirt, it’s algae. Over time algae will build up on a roof, leaving it looking discolored and dirty.

With algae-resistant shingles and a lifetime warranty against algae, you can be sure to prevent it before it happens.

Rinnai Tankless Instant Hot Water Heater

Never worry about running out of hot water with a Rinnai tankless water heater.

This award-winning water heater saves energy by only heating water when needed, compared to traditional tank-style water heaters that heat and reheat water all day long.

Fully Conditioned Crawlspace

As part of our building process, our green home builders fully encapsulate the crawl space. We seal up everything and provide ventilation and dehumidification systems. This ensures maximum efficiency in your home design while providing a very clean crawl space.

Low-E Argon Gas Windows With Unmatched Efficiency

Dual glazed, low-E with argon windows throughout the house allow for window energy efficiency that is off the charts for standard windows.

Porcelain Tile in All Bathroom and Laundry Room Floors

Hardwood Flooring in the Following Areas:

  • Foyer
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room

Porcelain Tile in the Following Areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room

Premium Cabinets for DE and MD Homes

Enjoy full overlay, and raised panel cabinets with crown molding on top cabinets. We also use full-extension ball-bearing undermount drawers with a “Soft-Close” feature, brushed nickel.

Enjoy them in a new home, or have them included as part of your next large-scale renovation.

Granite Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops

Solid Interior Doors