Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Custom Home Builders


For the best Rehoboth Beach custom homes, come see the people at Excel Builders. We’ve been building for more than two decades, and we have the experience to handle all of your custom needs. Call us if you have any questions about custom home construction. You’ll be working with a family team of new home builders in Delaware who offer you complete control and unbeatable green expertise.

From Our Family to Yours

Yes, Excel Builders is a family-owned business. In fact you’ll find several generations of our family working together at our construction sites in Rehoboth Beach. You’ll likely work with the owner and president directly while your new custom home is being built. Since our business is family-owned, we can be a lot more flexible than most Rehoboth Beach home builders. It’s easy for us to adjust to your needs and the needs of your particular project. The home building process becomes a lot simpler for you when working with seasoned professionals.

Completely Customized for You

You’ll have complete control over the look of your new custom home. Not just because it’s our mission to make sure that every request is carried out to the letter, but also because our experienced team has the talent to pull off advanced design requests that other teams may lack the skill to complete. Whether your taste is conventional or eccentric, our builders are happy to help you bring your dream home to life. Contact us today to get started.

Full customization means a huge range of exciting materials that you may not have seen before. The materials our builders are using now have the potential to make your home a much more comfortable and resilient place.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

ICFs are a wonderful material. We were one of the first builders in the Rehoboth Beach area to begin building with ICFs, and today it may be our favorite material. This concrete allows for unique design opportunities. What really excites us though, is how efficient this material is, and how resistant it is to weather damage. You can find out a lot more about this material here on our ICF page.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Yet another great modern material we offer at Excel Builders is SIPs. This material shares some advantages with ICFs. After all, it’s very sturdy and retains its internal temperature very well. However, SIPs come with their own advantages. These homes can be constructed much more quickly because they can be put together off-site. They’re also highly-resistant to many types of erosion.

We Can Still Help with Traditional Homes

If you’d rather have a home built in the traditional way, we’re happy to help. We can apply our customization expertise to these homes to create any style or look you want. Even though these homes may not be as efficient as ICFs or SIPs, we can make them much more efficient than standard homes.

The Green Experts

No one knows “green” like the people Excel Builders. Our owner and president was one of the people who first pioneered the use of green materials like ICFs and SIPs. These materials, along with all the other tricks we’ve learned along the way help us make some of the most efficient houses in Delaware. Many of our customers find their energy bills reduced to a third compared to their old stick-built homes.

Premium Contracting Services in Rehoboth Beach, Too

We do love homebuilding, but it’s not even close to the limit of the services we offer. The quality of material and craftsmanship that we bring to our custom built homes also shines through on all of our contracting jobs. With our experience, there are few services that we can’t handle. Some of our most popular services are for siding installation, roofing, deck building, kitchen remodeling and much more.