Luxury Custom Home Builders in Delaware


Our Delaware home builders are the right people to handle your custom home construction. For more than two decades, we’ve been making our clients’ dreams come true with well-designed and constructed homes that match their every request.

We take our workmanship and your vision seriously, as well as our commitment to building you a home that will proudly shelter your family for years and years. We provide many services, the experience to help you, and the best expertise in the state for building green homes.

Our team is available to handle all kinds of home construction, including those based on unique floor plans, or those that involved unique materials.

We work across Delaware from Rehoboth Beach to Greenwood, Millville, Miken, and Fenwick Island.

If you are unsure of what you need from your new home, we will work with you to develop a plan that gives you everything you desire from the ground up.

Full-Service Home Building for Your Every Desire

We can use a variety of different materials on any design you’re looking to accomplish. We can build an excellent wood-frame house, but we also specialize in building with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) that have many advantages over traditional home materials.

We are experienced working with many more materials than we have listed here, so please call if you have any questions about our building experience or building process. Here are some examples of how we use different materials:

Traditional Lumber Homes: Our focus is on premium building materials, but we can still plan and build a new home for you using traditional wood. Our team includes excellent craftsmen and carpenters who can make your most interesting ideas a reality.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP): One of our premium options! SIPs are a special type of material that can be used to build incredibly resilient homes with minimal waste. We would love to show you a presentation of how SIPs can give you a better home.

Insulated Concrete Forms: ICFs are one of our favorite materials to work with, and it can provide amazing benefits to your home. This is one of the most efficient materials we use, and in combination with other building techniques, can get us very close to a net-zero home.



A Team in Delaware You Can Trust

Choosing the right professional new home builders and contractors to make your dream home a reality is no easy decision. Building your own home can be a massive investment, and you don’t want to spend your savings on a home that doesn’t meet your expectations for craftsmanship when it’s done.

Our team of home builders in Delaware has been making our clients happy for more than 25 years. We have built on homesites in many of the most popular communities in the state.

We offer strong warranties that cover many of the materials we use as well as the quality of our work. We make it our mission to be there for our clients for months and even years after the work has been completed. Just call us if you have any problems at all.

Part of our customer service philosophy is giving you support throughout the life of your home. If you’re looking to build in Lewes, Bethany Beach, Rehoboth, or Ocean View, call us today to find out how we can help.

Energy-Efficient and High-Quality Green Homes

When you want to design a green home in Delaware, you can trust our expertise. We combine the most modern and high-quality building materials with energy-efficient floor plans and practices that protect the environment and help you use minimal power. Call us today to find out how your new home can have its electricity needs cut by 70%!

3 Secrets For A Stress-Free Home Building Experience

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What Can You Imagine for Your Custom New Home in Delaware?

The sky’s the limit when you’re building your own home on your own lot! You may have never had these many choices in regards to your living space in the past, and it can be hard to think of all the things you’d make your own when you really get to choose.

But there’s no reason to feel lost. Planning a new custom home is an exhilarating experience, and everyone always comes up with amazing ideas once they’ve made it a little farther into the planning process. If you’re still thinking about what you want most from yours, here are some popular ideas in the state to get you started…

A Lewes Beach House A Luxury Nature Home near Bombay Hook A Wilmington Townhome
Lewes Beach has a famous community throughout Delaware. It’s known for offering a quieter lifestyle than many other beaches—the perfect choice for those who want their retirement home to be a true escape. Take advantage of your lot on the beach by enhancing your home with a big porch to enjoy the views, or a separate boathouse so that your watercraft is always ready to set sail. If you love to watch the birds and enjoy the privacy of seclusion, build a luxury cabin in the deep woods near the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. With a massive acreage of forests, miles, and miles of beachfront, and multiple lakes, a custom home near Bombay Hook gives you access to the best nature DE has to offer, but you can enhance it even further with the right features on your cabin. Whether you like the access to amenities or just the social opportunities, you won’t be alone if you decide you want your home to be a Wilmington townhome like no other before it. Make every choice to make it perfect for you, like enough room for visiting grandparents or college kids or hosting space for all the entertaining you can do with a home that’s close to the action.
A Grand Hunting Lodge near the Augustine WA A Classic Colonial Revival A Seaford Country Home
Another popular location for these homes is near the world-class hunting opportunities at the Augustine Wildlife Area. Middletown and other nearby towns are the perfect places for a sprawling hunting lodge that appeals to everything you want as an outdoor adventurer. Customize your lodge with beautiful hardwood interiors and flooring. Maybe the home that you’ve always wanted to build is one that embraces the past while being built with the materials of the future! Colonial Revival homes are some of the most valued of Delaware’s heritage homes. You can have one with all the class, character, and craftsmanship but without the ancient, finicky utilities. Seaford, DE, and the surrounding countryside is the choice of many home builders who are looking for a quieter lifestyle somewhere that they can build on a large lot of land. Any rural home can be improved with features like wrap-around porches, balconies, and grand window displays to catch the morning light.


Will I Pay More for a Home built for my Custom Needs?

Custom built homes are likely to be more expensive than purchasing homes with the same amount of square footage.

A cost advantage of a custom-built home is that you’ll only be paying for the features you want. You won’t have to pay for home features that you’ll want to renovate later, such as decks and porches that don’t meet your current needs.

Depending on the features and materials you use, a custom-built home may also be likely to last longer, require less maintenance, and have a higher resale value.

Can a Custom-built Home be Warranty-Protected?

Yes, the new homes in Delaware that are built by our home builders are fully protected by warranties. The warranty in place as soon as construction is complete, and it covers both the materials used by our home builders and the quality of the professional work.

This is our proprietary warranty, and you may not be able to find the same set of protections if you choose someone different to handle your construction.

Can my Home be Customized to Handle the Weather in Delaware?

Yes. Like many coastal states, Delaware is susceptible to severe weather events including tropical storms with hurricane-force winds. Not all efficient homes are designed to withstand hard rains and winds, but your custom home can be uniquely-protected from these threats if you choose.

To protect your home from Delaware weather, you should give special attention to the frame. Certain materials, such as ICFs are significantly more durable than lumber. Certain architectural choices can also protect your home from storms.

Will My Custom Home Violate Building Codes in Delaware?

Delaware has unique building codes that apply at the state, county, and municipal levels. You may run across different requirements in Kent County, Sussex County, or one of the beachfront areas.

An improperly-built custom home could violate these codes, but that isn’t something that you need to worry about if you choose the right construction companies.

With your custom home building, we will take responsibility for confirming that your plans and final construction are fully in compliance with Delaware law.

How Can I be sure that you’re the Right Delaware Home Builders for me?

Like many other home builders in Delaware, we focus our expertise on a certain type of home. We are a luxury building company. That means we typically serve homeowners who are looking for larger, more extravagant homes.

We are experienced as beach builders because many of the most in-demand areas of Delaware are its gorgeous coastal waterfronts.

We are also part of a small number of builders in the area who work with specialized concrete materials. Our team may be the perfect match for you if this experience is relevant to your home.

Don’t take our word for it. We have built many homes in Delaware and collected many glowing testimonials. Find out what other clients have to say about our work, here.

Are you across the state line? We can also help you in Maryland.