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Come to Excel Builders for help from the most dedicated custom home builders in Maryland. We’ve been helping happy homeowners perfect their dream house for more than 25 years, and we’ve crafted a reputation for having some of the finest workmanship in the state of Maryland.

We hold ourselves to very high standards, and we are fully committed to delivering the craftsmanship you want down to the last detail. Our team of expert builders in Maryland would love to talk to you about any plans for your project including:

  • Completely custom plans
  • Coastal cabins and bungalows
  • Green homes

Projects can be planned in several flexible ways. We can start with home plans you’ve already developed by adjusting them until they fit your needs, or developing custom models based on the ideas you give us during the consultation. Check out our portfolio to learn what to expect. No matter how you want to begin, you’ll end up with the custom home you’ve always wanted.



We Help you with All Parts of Homebuilding

Our clients choose us to build their dream homes because we offer some of the finest and most comprehensive services. Your new house can be built in many different styles, on a lot of your choice. We started our business building with traditional wood, but that is no longer the only option we offer for custom home building.

We can use a variety of different materials and trim to give your new custom home the look you truly want. We build with all of these materials and more:

  • Traditional lumber
  • Insulated concrete panels
  • Structural insulated panels

You can take advantage of our plans that we provide for you, or let us help you develop a home that is completely your own design. As part of our home building process, we handle the complete construction, and that includes the installation of parts that go into the build including:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Fitting and finishing

All of our work is always done to the highest standards.

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An Experienced Team You Can Trust


We know that choosing the right builder can be an incredibly stressful decision. We want you to rest easy and feel confident in your decision when you go with Excel Builders. We’ve been in this business as an MHBR-listed home builder for decades, and many of our past clients would be happy to tell you about the excellent work we performed for them.

If you want peace of mind, you’re in luck. Our years of experience means we know what to expect from any job and our selection of powerful warranties covers you from different angles. We choose high-quality materials that are themselves covered by comprehensive warranties. We additionally stand behind the construction of everything we build. Call us to find out more about the protections that we offer to our customers.

Green Home Expertise Going Back Decades

There are plenty of reasons to go green, especially when it comes to the place where you live. Our modern building process and the materials we use offer you the chance to save hundreds of dollars on your monthly utilities while doing your part to help reduce our carbon footprint.

The core of our green services is our insulated concrete forms. This material is particularly efficient at maintaining internal temperatures so that you don’t need to run your heating and air conditioning near as often. Using proven techniques, our premium home building can save you money over time.

Imagine Yourself in One of These Amazing Luxury Homes

When you’re finally offered the chance to build the house you’ve always dreamed of, the choices can be overwhelming. You’ll find all types of models in our portfolio. They can be built on any plot, and to any preference or floor plan, whether that means catching the sunshine, saving on heating, or being tough enough to pull through big storms.

Don’t worry if you find yourself running a little short on ideas, after enough planning, and help from our experienced team every step of the way, everyone figures out what that they can truly love—the one they’ve been designing in their minds all their lives.

Here are some popular ideas for Maryland custom luxury homes…

Chesapeake Beach House Classic Georgian Home A Thurmont Luxury Cabin
From Thurmont to Howard Country, and access to lots from the sprawling Catoctin Mountain State Park (and all the amazing wildlife opportunities that it offers all year round) we’re here to help. When you have your own luxury cabin, you never have to worry about the inconveniences of “roughing it”. Instead, you can make sure that your cabin has all the luxuries…and then some! Build your cabin with a fully-decked outdoor kitchen or a sauna to relax when you come in from the trails. Georgian is one of the most popular classic styles among Baltimore homes. If you’ve been waiting always dreamed of living in one of these elegant and sweeping homes, you don’t have to buy one with an ancient history—and ancient wiring and plumbing—because you can plan a Georgian-style that’s built to your exact specifications. Every detail is yours to choose from. Follow in the footsteps of so many other smart buyers who have chosen to build their luxury getaway on Chesapeake Beach. With several available options, you can build a vacation or retirement home that makes it easy for you to enjoy everything the sea has to offer. Capture the best views of the coast with plenty of windows and classic features like verandas and widow’s walks. Keep the cooler winds at bay with premium insulation and fireplaces so you can enjoy the beach life all year round.
A Baltimore Family Home A Second Home near DC A Blackwater R&R Lodge
If you want a retirement destination that’s still near the bustle of the big city or just near it in Anne Arundel County, consider building on a lot in Baltimore County instead of buying one. Enjoy living in the city more than you ever thought possible with a noise-canceling plan, building materials, and insulation that saves you lots of money over higher urban utility prices. If you find yourself constantly commuting to big things in Washington, D.C. It may be time to consider a custom home that’s close to the border. Build a residence (perhaps in nearby Frederick County or Howard County) that can serve you as a DC-adjacent professional command center with large amounts of indoor and outdoor entertaining space for hosting and hobnobbing. The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is one of the premier sanctuaries on the Eastern Seaboard. A retirement cottage built near here will give you access to some of the best fishing, continue to charm and calm you for decades to come. Let us help you build a model of your new home today.

Are you across the state lines? Call us about homes in Delaware.

Call us to find out more about our green construction options


Do Custom Homes in Maryland Cost More?

Custom homes may cost more than other homes of the same size, but many would argue that the value is better for the price. Why settle for less than perfection when it comes to the place you want to live?

If you prefer custom features, you can save a lot by building a custom home rather than paying the full cost of an existing home and performing a series of expensive renovations. Start with the best home you can build, on the homesite of your choice.

Also, don’t forget the money that you save on real estate costs that get factored into prebuilt homes, such as the fee sellers pay to the realtor.

Will my Custom Home in Maryland be Protected by Warranty?

Yes, every home built by our Maryland home builders is protected by our warranty, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty that applies to certain materials. The warranties protect you against defects in materials or the craftwork of our employees.

Our proprietary warranty offers you protections that you may not receive from other home builders in Maryland.

Can you Help me Design A Custom Home in Maryland?

Yes, we can help you design your home if you haven’t already drafted plans. We can also help you figure out all the features you want as part of your dream home. We are capable of carrying out advanced remodel plans, so new ones are no problem at all.

We would be happy to help you understand which of your ideas are possible, what effect they may have on the comfort of your home, and how much they’ll change your budget.

We can also take you through some of the latest home features that are setting trends right now so that you can have the most modern home possible.

Do I need to Know the Laws before Building a Home in Maryland?

No, you don’t need to research all the home building laws in Maryland before you begin construction. If you choose to work with us, we’ll take on the responsibility of making sure that your home design is consistent with all local regulations and codes.

If our building experience weren’t enough on its own, we file all plans with the proper authorities.

Will I Have a Single Point of Contact During my Maryland Home Construction?

Yes, you will be able to contact one person for all your needs while your home is being constructed. Excel Builders is a family business, backed by a team of long-time professionals. Contractors are only involved when they’re needed for specialty work

Once you begin your project, you will meet some of these team members, and a manager who will be your point-of-contact. You’ll be able to contact that manager whenever you need updates or have questions.