Your Maryland Custom Home Builders


Come to Excel Builders for help from the most dedicated custom home builders in Maryland. We’ve been helping happy customers perfect their dream homes for more than 25 years, and we’ve crafted a reputation for having some of the finest workmanship in the state.

We hold ourselves to very high standards, and we commit ourselves fully to delivering the home you want, down to the last detail. We would love to talk to you about any plans for your project including

  • Completely custom Homes
  • Coastal Homes
  • Green Homes

Projects can be planned in several flexible ways. We can start with home plans you’ve already developed, customize plans until they fit your needs or build plans based around the ideas you give us during the consultation. No matter how you want to begin, you’ll end up with the home you’ve always wanted.


We Help you with All Parts of Homebuilding

Our clients choose us as their builders because we offer some of the finest and most comprehensive services in Maryland. Your new home can be built in many different styles. We started our business building traditional wood frame homes, but that is no longer the only option we offer.

We can use a variety of different materials and trim to give your home the look you truly want. We build homes with all of these materials and more:

  • Traditional lumber
  • Insulated concrete panels
  • Structural insulated panels

You can take advantage of our home plans (which can be customized to your needs), or let us help you develop a home that is completely your own design. We handle the complete construction of homes, and that includes the installation of parts that go into a home including:

  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing
  • Fitting and Finishing

Everything is always done to the highest standards.

An Experienced Team You can Trust


We know that choosing the right builder can be an incredibly stressful decision. We want you to rest easy and feel confident in your decision when you go with Excel Builders. We’ve been in this business for decades, and many of our past clients would be happy to tell you about the excellent work we performed for them.

If you want more protection, you’re in luck. A selection of powerful warranties covers your home from different angles. We choose high-quality materials that are themselves covered by great warranties. We additionally stand behind the construction of the home. Call us to find out more about the protections that we offer to our customers.

Green Home Expertise going back Decades

There are plenty of reasons to go green, especially when it comes to your home. Our modern building methods and materials offer you the chance to save hundreds of dollars on your monthly utilities while doing your part to help reduce our carbon footprint.

The core of our green services are our insulated concrete forms. This home material is particularly efficient at maintaining internal temperatures so that you don’t need to run your heating and air conditioning near as often. Our premium homebuilding can save you money over time.

Call us to find out more about our green construction options today.