Maryland and Delaware Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom doesn’t have to be the most unpleasant room in the house. In fact, since you spend so much time there, why not make it as comfortable and attractive it can be?

That might be easier to accomplish than you’d think. We’ve been building amazing remodels for years. It would be our pleasure to start building an amazing bathroom for you, focused on luxury, functionality, or whatever balance you prefer.

Over the years, we’ve completed many countless remodeling projects for bathrooms, master bathrooms, and other projects. Our projects have included countertops, faucets, cabinetry, bath design, and shower doors. It’s safe to say we have the experience to handle your most ambitious bathroom remodeling project.


Use Gallons per Capita Percentage of Total Daily Use
Showers 11.6 16.8%
Clothes Washers 15.0 21.7%
Dishwashers 1.0 1.4%
Toilets 18.5 26.7%
Baths 1.2 1.7%
Leaks 9.5 13.7%
Faucets 10.9 15.7%
Other Domestic Uses 1.6 2.3%

Average household water use annually (including outdoor): 127,400 gallons
Average daily household water use (including outdoor): 350 gallons”
Source: Residential End Uses of Water (Denver, Colo.: Water Research Foundation, 1999).

Remodelers with the Experience You Need

You want to choose someone you can trust when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. At Excel Builders, we have worked hard to build our reputation for excellent craftsmanship. We encourage you to check our testimonials or call for a consultation to get answers to your questions.

We have years of experience performing all sorts of building projects. We have constructed entire homes and completed many large-scale home renovations. We have existing experience with all parts of bath remodeling, bathroom design, and kitchen remodeling.

As part of our comprehensive services for large-scale renovations, we can help you plan and install all the home upgrades you’ll need to complete your plans. For example, we can provide water heater installation for new showers, or expand your home’s power system to support luxury features.

Our team manages all the plumbers, roofing installers, electricians, or other bathroom remodeling contractors that are needed to complete a project. Once you’ve decided on a plan, you can sit back and relax.

Even the most challenging bathroom remodeling plan is easy for us to handle. Call us today about building the custom home of your dreams.

Build A Green Bathroom—We Can Help

There are plenty of reasons to consider a “green” powder room. Renovations based on a green philosophy are a great step if you want to do your part to protect the environment, and everyone loves to save a little money on their utility bills.

Talk to us today about creating your efficient bathroom of the future that can keep your utility bills low.

Builders Who Take Your Plans Seriously

We know a lot about bathroom renovations, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you. During your consultation with our home remodeling experts, we would be happy to help you develop all your ideas for your new bathroom.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn what’s possible with modern bathroom remodeling services. You can have heated floors, multi-purpose shower heads, skylights, and whatever other home improvements will make your bathroom perfect for you.

We make it our mission to build the bathroom you want, and you’ll be able to customize every detail that interests you. If a “green” home interests you, you’ll be glad to know that we consider that a specialty.

Are you ready to talk about your plans for a new master bath? We operate in both Maryland and Delaware. We serve clients in both states. Contact us from Dover, Middletown, New Castle, or other towns in the surrounding area.

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