Ocean City, Maryland Custom Home Builders


For a new home in Ocean City, see the pros at Excel Builders. We’ve been building, renovating and remodeling homes in Maryland for decades now, and we’ve helped many satisfied Maryland clients build the home they’d always dreamed about. It would be our pleasure to help you, whether it’s by building a new custom home, or a new roof. Ask us about our home-building specialties, including high-efficiency green homes.

Your Home, Your Ocean City Remodeling Choices

We are among the most experienced custom home builders in Maryland, so your home is yours to design as creatively as you please, and ours to build from the ground up. You’ll be free to customize every single feature of your Ocean City home to give it a look that is all your own. We’re always happy to help if you want an expert opinion from our builders and general contractors. It would be our pleasure to introduce you to some of the newest trends in home building, and we’ll notify you immediately if any of your plans may be dangerous or risky.

We can build homes with many great materials. Some of them may be new to you.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

We love talking about ICFs. After all, we were one of the first building teams in the Ocean City area to begin constructing homes with it, and the homes our builders have created are amazing. ICFs can be used to create some of the most comfy and efficient homes on the market because of the material’s natural insulation. ICFs are also extremely resistant to the most devastating storms. Learn more on our ICF page, found here.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs are another great modern choice. Homes built with SIPs are also sturdy and comfortable like those built with ICFs. Construction time is one way that SIPs really shine. They can be assembled anywhere, and brought completed to the job site to minimize construction time and eliminate site waste. Our SIPs page can tell you more about this interesting material.

Traditional Materials Also Available

We carry a lot of impressive modern materials, but we still have every option available for people who want to build or remodel their home the traditional way. Talk to us today about your custom plans for your home. You can find out more about our extensive home-building services, here.

A Family of Home Builders

Excel Builders is family-owned and operated, and has been since it first opened. It’s easy for you to talk to our owner and president, because he’ll constantly be on the site while your home is being built or remodeled, ready to answer your questions and tell you about the construction so far. “Family-owned” means that we can bring more flexibility to every building project than most corporate builders. We can work around your schedules or needs.

Unmatched Efficiency

There are few Ocean City home builders who can match Excel Builders when it comes to building efficient homes. We know a lot of techniques when it comes to building efficient homes, or remodeling your kitchen and we use some of the most modern and effective construction materials possible when building them. It is not uncommon for our clients to pay a third of the utility costs in their new homes compared to their last stick-built home. Ask us today how you can have the most comfortable new house you ever lived in while paying less.

Call Us about Premium Contracting, Kitchen Remodeling, and more

We love to talk about all the great custom homes we build, but our builders are capable of doing a whole lot more. That includes just about any contracting job where you need a premium touch, such as kitchen remodeling. We’ll can apply our high standards and curated materials to just about any job you need. We’re great remodelers and renovators.