Decks in Bethany Beach—The Finest Quality

A deck installation can completely renew a home with a sense of expanded living space. You can make it a space for relaxing, grilling, entertaining, or just for your hobbies. Our team can help you build a new deck that’s as functional as it is attractive. whether it’s built to capture a backyard forest or a panoramic ocean view.

For amazing decks in Bethany Beach, Delaware, speak to Excel Builders. Our dedicated team of deck builders has been building outdoor/indoor home structures for well over 20 years. We’ve built gorgeous decks you may have seen around Bethany Beach, and we would love to assist you, too.

Our Amazing Decks

We love a chance to show off some of the fine decks we’ve built in the Bethany Beach area. More information about the decks we build can be found here on our decking page. Our builders can execute many kinds of styles and custom options.

Our team works with many different kinds of materials, and all of them are of high quality. If you want a classic wood deck, our team can manage the carpentry. If you prefer composite decking, we can recommend materials that meet your requirements, whether that’s weather resistance, longevity, or visual appeal.

The high-quality materials we carry are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

You can see some of our favorite deck projects in a range of square feet (sqft) sizes below:


Why Build a Deck?

Decks are an essential home upgrade for homeowners who crave outdoor space. It’s a place to get some fresh air, sunlight, and rest without leaving home.

If you have a home surrounded by nature or great views, a deck is the best way to enjoy it. We have handled home improvements and renovations in some of the most beautiful communities along the coastal HWY, including Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, and Fenwick Island. We have never seen a deck fail to improve a home.

Many Other Outdoor Structures in Bethany Beach!

Decks and patios are just a couple of the great structures our professional builders can create. Our ability to build from almost any plans allows us to expertly construct all kinds of different structures including:

  •         Multi-story Decks
  •         Raised and Sunken Patios
  •         Balconies
  •         Verandas
  •         Sun Rooms
  •         Gazebos
  •         And Much More

We also offer extensive contracting services that cover any other building work you might need performed on your home.

Why Trust Excel Builders with Your Deck?

Excel Builders is the right team to build your deck in Bethany Beach. There are plenty of builders to choose from, but we hope you’ll choose us for what we bring to every job—

A Complete Dedication to Craft

We at Excel Builders have a healthy dedication to quality. We like our work to appear and function as impressively as possible. Our team is typically among the first in the area to offer building services with new materials because of our focus on developing ours skills with the latest technology.

We Stand Behind Our Work

You’re protected from failures of material and labor when you work with Excel. We use top-quality materials which are typically independently warrantied. We also guarantee the results of all of our labor.

Every Customization Up to You

We have plenty of beautiful blueprints we could use to design your Bethany Beach deck. However, you can also design something that’s all your own. When you choose Excel Builders, the choices are all up to you. Our builders have the skill to carry them out.

A Friendly, Family Team

Excel Builders is a multi-generation family company. This comes out in how seriously we take our work, and how flexible we are when dealing with our customers. Talk to us, today.