Bathroom Renovations in Annapolis

Call Excel Builders for all of your bathroom renovation needs. For many years, we’ve been helping people all over both states completely transform their bathrooms. We’ve made them larger, brighter, and more luxurious for our clients, and we know we have the experience and the skill to bring every idea of yours to life.

Call to speak with Excel Builders today. We’ll take you through the possibilities during a no-obligation consultation.

Complete Renovations for Every Need

Bathroom Appliances

Your tub, shower and sinks are a great place to start if you want a renovation that will completely change the look and feel of your current bathroom. Our team will have no trouble moving, fitting and installing the best new appliances for your home. The same goes for other complicated large-scale renovations like increasing the size of your bathroom.

Bathroom Floors

Bathroom floors are an affordable renovation that can make a huge difference. Some new brightness or a splash of color on the floor can give character to a bathroom without changing anything else. There are an almost unlimited amount of options when it comes to flooring these days, so make sure you ask about what’s out there if you’re looking for ideas.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is another renovation that has an affordable pricetag and a huge effect. Our team will have no trouble installing any type of new lighting for your bathroom. If it’s natural light you need more of, you can trust our team to be able to safely install new windows into the side of your home. No matter what you need from your lighting, we have a solution ready.

And So Much More

We handle all types of major renovations up to and including complete custom home construction. That means even your biggest ideas for your bathrooms are going to be easily-handled by our team.

Choose Excel for Your Bathroom Renovation

You have many choices when it comes to renovation companies in Annapolis. Here are some reasons you should consider Excel Builders before the competition.

Our Team is a Family

It’s important to find a team you can really trust when it comes to your project. At Excel, we are a family team with a lot invested in our reputation. You can expect us to deal with you honestly and directly, while giving you a great price.

Stay in the Know All the Time

As a family company, we also make a point to make time for all of our clients. Please call us whenever you have any question about the work being done on your home. We’re happy to share whatever you want to know, and to walk you through work that’s already been done.

Efficiency means Affordability

We are one of the area’s most premium teams, but we keep prices competitive through strong company standards. We source top materials for the best prices, and work in a very efficient way to prevent costs from climbing during construction.

Not Just Bathrooms, Everything

There is so much we can help you with when it comes to construction in Annapolis. In addition to bathrooms, we can assist you with almost any kind of renovation. We can also help you construct a brand new home that’s built to all of your custom needs.