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Interior decorating trends often apply to living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. But this year has something else seizing its place as the home improvement focus—the bathroom. Finally, the interior decorating world is focusing on bathroom decorating ideas, and the results have been stunning.


This new attention brings with it ideas and excitement for newly updated and renovated styles that will stand the test of time and continue to look good for years. Our bathroom remodelers in Delaware would love to help you apply any of these impressive upgrades for your bathroom decor.


Start with the Color


First of all, the classic, clean, bathroom design that starts with all white walls is officially out of the mainstream. While off the bat, white seems like a good choice, it quickly gets dirty and doesn’t age well. It more often than not ends up looking dingy and dated. It may even turn into an off-white color that you never would have originally used to paint your bathroom. Instead, gray, blue and beige are the modern colors.


Refining Your Bathroom Colors


You can still have some white in your bathroom; it will even match with any of the three most popular upcoming bathroom colors. A white sink with a stainless steel faucet will compliment dark or light gray, blue or beige. Using gray provides a modern, sleek look, while blue is a warmer hue perfect for a guest bathroom. In addition, beige is a neutral color that compliments accent colors like red, orange and black for a more intricate design.


You can really reinforce this through applicable bathroom accessories such as towels, soaps and toothbrush holders.


Ideas for your bathroom tiles


White isn’t the most popular color for tiles lately, either. This overused wall application is entering the dark side, and more and more black tiles are being used in bathrooms. White tiles installed years ago have now faded and there’s probably dark grime between them. Many people think that white makes the room feel cleaner, but black can do that too. And black doesn’t show as much dirt and is easier to clean.


Square and circular black tiles on one wall or all four can give a bathroom texture and make the white bathtub really stand out. Or, if you like the idea of using gray, three gray walls and one black tile walls is a sleek and crisp design idea for a bathroom. A white bathtub and sink as well as white accents can really pull the whole room together. Another option is to use a black and gray backsplash behind your sink or along the wall that your bathtub sits against.


Bathroom Vanities—The classics are coming back


Speaking of sinks, those typical sinks that exist on top of your bathroom cabinets? They may not have a place in next year’s designs. More vintage and classic sink designs like under-mounted sinks with two thin legs are making a comeback.


Bathroom mirrors are also a major player in the latest trends, and they follow the same perspective—Bulky wood furniture in bathrooms is decreasing with each year. These new sinks and vanities, while they do have less storage space, create more floor space in the bathroom. This is particularly helpful when you’re looking for small bathroom ideas.


Bathroom sinks—new exciting styles


New sinks are also a lot more creative and artistic than the cookie-cutter cabinet and sink combinations. They can be purchased in a variety of materials like marble or granite and in a plethora of styles. From vintage to modern, there is sure to be one that fits the design aesthetic of your bathroom.


In general, quartz is the most-loved material for new bathroom sinks. So if you’re in the market, be sure to check out this style for long lasting use and beauty.


Your Bathroom Shower Could Also Use an Update


Another trend: glass-encased showers are out and freestanding, artistic bathtubs are in. The glass around these showers gets grimy and full of smudges while never offering the opportunity to relax in a bubble bath. A claw-foot tub can offer both a hot shower and a hot bath, the best of both worlds. These tubs can also add a design element to your bathroom and center focal piece.


Does your bathroom need a porcelain tub?


A porcelain tub as an alternative to a standard tub with shower surround is unique and different. It adds class to any bathroom and customization. In fact, interior designers and decorators across the United States are actually predicting a decline in the purchasing of standard tubs and installations of glass-door showers.


Your trendy room is waiting for you


All of these bathroom renovations can be combined to create a brand new, on-trend room. From paint color to sink type, bathrooms are definitely a main focus of interior decorating in the upcoming year. If your bathroom doesn’t necessarily need remodeling, you can still add a few modern trends to your already existing room.


Just by repainting one wall or switching out your old, bathtub for something new and exciting you can use these trends to make your modern bathroom better.

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