Want a Home that Stands Out in Maryland? ICFs are the Choice for Creatives!

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Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are Maryland’s favorite answer to boring home design. This is an entirely different method of construction from traditional timber. It relies on pre-manufactured concrete blocks that can be formed and shifted to create almost any shape for your home. In the most exciting architectural capitals of the world, concrete homes are creating a big stir. Now, these inspired designs are available to everyone who has ever wanted a custom home.

Here are some ways you can unleash your creative side when you’re building a new home in Maryland with ICFs…

ICFs can be easily formed and shaped

When it comes to designing traditional homes, you’re stuck working with a lot of straight lines. That’s how most lumber is cut, and how it’s used. The same isn’t true when it comes to concrete, though. Organic shapes are easy to form with concrete, either in one specific area or across the entire home. You can make entire homes that appear to be cones, stacked blocks or even spheres. You don’t have to go that crazy, but you have the choice!

They are powerful enough to support a lot weight

There are low stress safety limits that need to be respected when you’re building a home from wood. That will restrict your designs a lot, specifically when it comes to your upper floors. When it comes to wood, you just can’t get that creative without getting into trouble. When you build a home in Maryland with ICF, the limits suddenly shoot into the sky.

ICF home builder

The concrete used for these homes is many times stronger than wood, and that really changes what you can get away with when it comes to designing your upper floors. You also have the ability to create features like stairs and balconies that appear to be ‘flying’ or don’t have visible supports.

They make creative home designs more practical

If you want to build a creative home with traditional materials, you’re going to have to make a lot of sacrifices. Some areas are likely always going to be a little draftier than others. You may have trouble predicting which areas will carry sound from the rest of the home and which won’t. You’ll have neither of these problems if you choose to go with insulated concrete forms.

ICF Home

An ICF-built structure is well sealed everywhere with solid concrete, so you don’t have to worry about drafts no matter what your home looks like. The soundproofing is excellent both inside and outside the home.

Start building a more creative home in Maryland with ICFs

By allowing you to work with new shapes and new stresses without risking a less comfortable home, ICFs unleash your creativity. Talk to Excel today if you’d like to build one for yourself.

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