Bringing Technology Into The Kitchen – Top Trends In Tech Kitchen Renovations

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It is hard to imagine how people hundreds of years ago could live out their entire lives with limited technology, since spending a day without technology today is a very tall order. Technology is in every area of life you can think of, and its merger with kitchen renovations is making the kitchen one of the most efficient rooms in the house. Consider boiling water in less than two minutes, turning on your faucet by waving your hand, cooking in record time, and cleaning your dishes without getting wet, all thanks to technology.

Many technology items for the kitchen are pricey; therefore, it is very important to consider which items are a perfect fit for your kitchen. Here are the leading technology trends in the kitchen today:

Fancy faucets

Technology faucets are proving to be a great addition to the kitchen, with users excited about every type of innovation along this line of products. Many people have fallen in love with faucets that need a small tap to turn on and off, while others love faucets that can operate without the user having to touch them. People who are particular about germs especially love those that turn on by simply sweeping the hand near them.

Induction and touchscreen cooktops

Cooking is, of course, one of the most important activities that take place in the kitchen, and now thanks to technology it is possible to cook faster, more efficiently, and safer than ever before. Induction cooktops make use of electromagnetic induction technology to cook, and this translates into lower fumes, no extra heat, no possibility of burning fingers, and high speeds during cooking.

Touchscreen cooktops will soon hit the market and they will be induction cooktops with the ability to display information from a technology device onto the surface. This will enable an individual to check mail, view a recipe, make notes, and interact with friends on social media, among other things. These cooktops will only generate heat when they sense a metal, making them safer for use in homes, especially those with small children.

Anti-bacterial kitchen surfaces

Bacteria are found everywhere, but the kitchen is not supposed to provide a ground for bacteria to thrive in. With the above in mind, killing harmful microbes while in the kitchen should be a priority, and that is exactly what the anti-bacterial surface does. Within two hours, some of the latest anti-bacterial surfaces can kill 99.9% of bacteria on the countertop, thanks to the infusion of copper wires and Cupron technology on the countertop. Furthermore, other countertops prevent the growth of bacteria on them, leaving the user with the responsibility of wiping the surface and using it without fear of bacteria.

Charging stations

With people using online recipes more often than cookbooks, it’s helpful to have charging stations in the kitchen. One way of inviting these mobile gadgets into the kitchen is setting up U-sockets; these are sockets with inbuilt USB ports. These ports make it possible for users to keep using their sockets for their main kitchen gadgets. Furthermore, inductive power sources that charge devices by simply placing the devices on them and the wireless chargers for any gadget are a great addition in the kitchen.

LED kitchen lighting

Lighting is a major component of every renovation. Great lighting makes the design of the kitchen shine, it creates a beautiful glow, and it highlights different elements in the design. Great lighting also makes food preparation a safe activity because it gives kitchen users clarity in their activities within the kitchen. The advantage of having LED lights is their brightness, long life, flexibility, and production of very little heat.

The Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator

Many fridges today come with touchscreens on the door. The touchscreen has applications where users can find wonderful recipes and figure out what groceries they need to add in the fridge. This touch screen also enables the users to manage the temperature settings for the refrigerator and even set different temperatures for each compartment. With this technology, it is possible to listen to music from your refrigerator, check your calendar, and check the weather in your location. This makes every minute you spend in the kitchen worthwhile.

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  • Callie Marie

    Bringing high-tech improvements into the kitchen would really help out. I love to cook, but I am impatient and I hate to clean. Boiling water in under two minutes would make dinner a breeze, and cleaning dishes without touching the sink or the water would result in a much cleaner kitchen for me. I should seriously consider remodeling my kitchen to have all of the new technology you mentioned.

    • admin

      There are so many great products and designs for kitchens. No wonder it is the favorite spot for people to congregate together. Good luck and keep us posted