6 Ways to Customize Your Deck

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Give your outdoor decking a unique look by customizing your area with different features and characteristics. Whether you go for a big or minimal change, you can be sure you’ll create some visual interest.

1. Railings

Railings not only provide a safety barrier for your deck, but also give your deck style and character. There are many designs and materials that can be used to compliment whatever look you want to achieve.

Wooden posts are one of the most popular options for deck railings. Whether you decide to keep them all the same width or choose different sizes running through your design, your deck will have character. If you like wood but you want something that has more flair, lattice is a great choice which is ideal for families with small children. This is a safe option still allowing your railings to look attractive and permit breeze to run through the gaps.

Not a fan of wood? Iron is a great material used to create an industrial or classical look. With this attractive railing, iron allows you create a classical style to your deck by creating curves in the spindles. There is a lot of diversity when using iron as it can be moulded into many shapes and designs depending on what style you want to achieve.

Glass is a very popular option if you want to achieve a modern look. This will allow you to enjoy the view beyond the decking while allowing your deck to be child friendly and safe. Whether you want a low rail or a high rail, the advantages of glass is that it will never obstruct your view.

2. Lighting

Illuminate your area by adding lighting to your deck, permitting you to enjoy your outdoor area in the evenings. From floor lighting to lamppost lighting, ‘the sky’s the limit’ when it comes to design and options. Adding lighting near railings and steps also adds safety. Lights underneath your stairs will allow your steps to sparkle in the night giving you clear visibility.

LED lights are a great option for your deck, with a longer lifespan than other lighting options. They are also energy efficient which will help you save on your energy bills. When choosing lights, you can’t go wrong with LEDs.

3. Staining or Painting

If your deck is beginning to look tired, give it a face-lift by staining your boards, making them look fresh and new once again. This is a simple way to customize your deck and can be done by any amateur – no need to call in an expert.

If you fancy something a little different, customize your deck by painting it with something other than stain. Whether you like solid colors, stripes or other abstract patterns, the choices and colors available are endless. This will allow you to have a little fun with your decking, creating an area that is a true representation of you.

4. Spa

Don’t have room for a pool? Why not remodel your deck area by adding a spa. Whether you want your spa recessed or above ground, deck flooring is a popular anti-slip surface choice, helping avoid any unnecessary accidents. Having a spa on your deck is a great way to give your area a wow factor and allow you to relax in the midst of your backyard.

5. Pergola

Adding a pergola will allow you to enjoy your decking space in all different weather conditions. Whether the sun is shining or raining profusely, a pergola will allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Enhance your area with an extra element by adding café blinds. These will keep the wind and heat out creating an enclosed area in your backyard. Café blinds are extremely versatile and can be left up if you prefer the openness.

6. Multi-level

Add architectural interest by creating a multi-level decking to your existing deck. This will separate your decking area into different sections making your area more functional and giving you more outdoor space. This will also give you a unique view of your backyard and surroundings, as you will be able to see it from more diverse angles compared to what you once did.

Whether you are looking to give your deck a major makeover or just a simple one, there is something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore your options, customizing your deck true to your style.

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