8 Interior Décor Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

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Human beings are prone to making mistakes, a quality that we all share regardless of race, gender, background or nationality. However, it is possible to learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid wasting time by repeating the same mistakes.

When decorating your home, it is possible to hire an interior décor expert or to research on the best décor practices and trends and adopt them. However, if you do not avoid the following mistakes, you will end up in despair, and have to spend a lot of money correcting or learning how to live with your mistakes.

1. The temptation to work without a budget

The opportunity to decorate your home might not come very often, which is the reason people tend to get carried away buying everything that attracts them. Remember that décor items do not come cheap, and the professionals you need to help you arrange all of them in perfect harmony come at a cost. To avoid the mistakes of overspending and collecting items that you will hardly use, sit down with a décor expert and come up with a reasonable budget.

2. Not having the room dimensions when getting furniture

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the best furniture in the store will serve its purpose in their home, regardless of its size. If your room is too small for the furniture to fit in comfortably, then you have made a costly mistake. Having an extremely large room with tiny furniture is also another mistake that you can avoid through simply taking time to compare the room dimensions with the furniture you want.

3. Going wrong on the lighting

Lighting is an area that many people go wrong, since it can complement a room or just spoil your whole décor. Lighting is thought of in two forms, natural lighting and artificial lighting, and understanding the dynamics in each room is important as you consider your décor. One mistake that most people make with lighting is that they make it so bright, that it gets uncomfortable and results in a headache. Another mistake is having very dim lights, resulting in a darkness that will not only hide the beauty of a room, but one that will cause people to strain, feel gloomy, and lead to discomfort.

4. Not having a focal point in your living room

A focal point is important to have in the living room, since it attracts people’s attention and creates a form of balance in the room. It is possible to have several focal points, as long as these points leave a statement on people’s mind. Most focal points are conversation starters or even icebreakers. How well you think through them or organize them will determine just how effective they will be. The mistake here is to not have a focal point.

5. Designing your home in a rush

Most homeowners are always in a big hurry to finish their décor and enjoy living in their beautiful homes, a desire that is rational. However, most experienced designers advise homeowners to take it slow and appreciate their décor coming to life with time. The mistake that most people make when they rush through the designing is that they end up with items that fall out of place, and others that become irrelevant with time.

6. Picking your paint before picking your décor

Your room décor is very important and is most likely far more expensive than your final coat of paint. Make a decision on the exact color of your furniture, the color of your light fixtures, the color of the focal point and finally paint the walls using a color that will blend with all the other colors perfectly. Test different shades of your most desired colors and take time to decide on what you will settle for.

7. Poor photo placement on the walls

Most homeowners hung pictures of themselves and everyone else in the home on the walls, which is a very good thing. The problem comes in when people place their photos very high up making it hard for shorter people to see them, or placing the photos too low leading to the observers developing back pains. To protect yourself from falling into the above trap, make sure to place any photos, paintings, or wall hangings at a level that all observers are comfortable.

8. Not involving the sense of smell

A complete home décor should engage an individual on all levels. In addition to making sure the walls, the furniture, the lighting, and the focal point are just right; make sure to invest in some flowers or plants to add beauty and smell. Plants have a way of refreshing the air and giving life to a décor, something that you should think about to have that perfect finish.

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