Ask Our Experts: About SIPs

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Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, are one of several modern building materials we offer for home construction and renovations. There are many reasons to favor this new material over others that are on the market. Of course, it’s still a relatively unknown material, so we wanted to take a moment to cover some of the most common questions we get from people who are considering making their home a SIP home.

What is a SIP!?

SIPs are formed by wood panels covering a thick, insulating foam core. If you want to imagine what this look like, just think about an ice cream sandwich. The ice cream would be the foam, and the boards would make up the chocolate wafer. When two panels are wedged together, the foam inside them seals together chemically. This is a complete seal! From the floor to the ceiling, the two pieces are now fused together as solidly as if they were the same piece.  

Many panels would be needed to build a home, but the great thing is that they can all be created off-site. When we arrive to do the building, there’s almost no site waste because we arrive with everything we need.

What are the advantages of SIPs?

You may already be getting an idea of what makes SIPs so awesome. Because each section is completely sealed to the next ones on all sides, the home is incredibly sturdy, and controlling the climate inside your home is much easier than it would be with most materials.  There are other advantages, too! Because of the chemical composition of the foam, it is resistant to:

  •         Insects
  •         Fires
  •         Natural Disasters
  •         Moisture
  •         More!

How are they safe from insects?

Besides the complete seals that wouldn’t allow in any uninvited guests, SIPs are naturally resistant to insects because they offer no nutrition whatsoever to our six or eight-legged friends. An insect could not survive after burrowing inside, and there is no way for pests like ants and termites to build colonies inside the walls.  

How are they safe from fires?

SIP panels are naturally fire resistant, and are not made of any materials that can be easily ignited.

How long do SIPs homes last?

The bond between SIPs panels is permanent for the lifetime of the home, and that’s as long, or longer, than homes made with most other types of materials. The sturdiness of these types of home is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. They can last longer because they’re resistant to both the most common and most extreme types of wear.

SIPs homes are incredibly storm, hurricane and earthquake resistant. The way the panels are connected keeps them from easily being separated at any point.

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