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Insulated Concrete Forms are a special material we use for building homes. We were one of the first businesses in the area to build homes with ICFs, and the material remains one of our favorites to this day for a variety of different reasons.

ICFs aren’t new, in fact, they’ve been popular in Western Europe for quite a long time. Part of the reason ICFs aren’t well known in the US might be that they aren’t well-understood. People have a lot of questions when it comes to this unique material, and we’re going to try to answer some of the ones we come across most often right here.

Why Build my Home with Concrete?

ICFs aren’t just typical concrete. It’s a style of building that mixes a special blend of concrete with an interior insulation layer. The end result is a home with incredible strength, durability and climate consistency. That’s not even the end of the list of benefits. There are many other advantages to enjoy, including the awesome noise insulation, the fact that you can shape it however you want.

Will It Make My House look Unattractive?

Not at all! First of all, there are so many things you can do with concrete if you want a distinctive design or look. If you aren’t interested in a concrete look at all, that’s no problem. We can put whatever finish and siding you want on your completed custom home, and the fact that it’s built with concrete at all can be completely disguised.

What are the Building Limitations?

That depends on what you have in mind, but it is far, far easier to work certain designs into concrete than it is to do the same with a stick-built home. Concrete is incredibly shapeable, so you can pull off organic shapes and forms that would be impossible with other kinds of building materials. In general, the designs you like for other homes can be easily executed with concrete.

How Long Does it Last?

Strength and durability are a given. Even buildings built with concrete using ancient standards are still standing centuries and millennia after they were first constructed. ICF homes in particular have developed a reputation for being able to withstand the force of hurricanes. You can find a picture of one still standing alone after Hurricane Katrina on our ICF page.

If you want to build a home, and be sure that it will last for future generations, you can safely choose ICFs.

How Does it Stay Warm?

Warm and cold air does not pass through concrete easily, even less easily once we’ve installed the installation into the concrete. When you warm or cool an ICF home built by us, you can expect it to retain that temperature significantly longer than a normal home. Some of our customers have reported paying only a third the energy bill that they’re used to.

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