Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

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Christmas is upon us once again and you definitely want to make your house the perfect place to spend the holidays. Modern decor makes life a lot easier with simplicity and style. You can quickly turn a dull, uninviting house into an inviting home with creative decorating ideas for Christmas.

In this post, you will learn a few stylish Christmas decoration ideas you can use as inspiration to decorate your home this holiday.

The Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the Christmas tree, the almighty, unmistakable symbol of the festive season. The Christmas tree has its own magic and is usually the centerpiece of a home’s Christmas décor.

If you celebrate the holidays the traditional way, then probably it is never Christmas unless the tree is the classic evergreens – fir, cedar, or pine trees.

That said, there are many awe-inspiring artificial Christmas trees worth checking out. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are typically made from plastic or aluminum. You can choose from a range of custom color palettes so your tree will smoothly blend with the rest of your interior décor.

Decorating the Mantel

The mantel is another key focal point of your home’s Christmas décor. Like the tree, a well decorated mantel captures the magic and essence of Christmas and for many families, it is the point of convergence when unwrapping Christmas presents. Red, green and white are the classic colors for decorating the mantel.

However, with a few tweaks and some clever accessorizing, you can give your mantel a modern, stylish look that gives your house a coolly festive feel. For instance, an all-white ensemble of marshmallows strung around a nylon filament creates an inviting wintry look around your mantel. It is a simple yet elegant style that manages to create a holiday mood around the house with ease.

Depending on the accessories you choose, it’s easy to achieve a modern look using classic colors and decoration ornaments. For instance, instead of hanging plain red stockings above the mantel, use green ones adorned with white or multi-colored embellishments. A mix of green and red embellished stockings can also give your mantel the edge.

To complete the festive look, line the top of your mantel with white tinsel and complete the look with multi-colored balls placed on top, rather than the more common red color pops. Better yet, swap brightly colored geometric shapes for balls or color pops. The point is to experiment with colors and shapes to disguise the traditional red and white look.

The Dining Room

The eating area is doubtless a special place at Christmas so you need to create the right holiday mood for your family. Start by replacing your ordinary cutlery and tableware with Christmas dining crockery and dinning sets. There’s a wide variety of Christmas decorated dinning sets with countless color combinations. The color scheme in your house should determine the color combinations you choose.

In addition, there’s a whole range of table accessories, ornaments and decorations you can use to adorn your dining table. As with all traditional Christmas décor, rich reds, greens, and plain white are the primary colors for festive dining room décor. Feel free to experiment with more colors. Gold decadent textiles are popular for table tops and runners, for instance.

If you want a style that is more modern and elegant, a neatly dressed table with a towering centerpiece will liven up your dining room. A floral topiary (or any greenery detail), a bunch of roses embellished with fresh fruit, a nicely decorated pine cone, or shimmering metal ornaments can all make for a stunning table centerpiece.

If your dining room is spacious, adorn your windows with ribbon or floral wreaths to create a warm festive atmosphere. Wreaths are traditional Christmas decorations so they shouldn’t miss in your Christmas décor.

The Outdoors

Turn your backyard into a coolly festive space with sparkling white lights and paper lanterns on trees and mini lights on the fence. Festive decoration for the outdoors is mostly about lights and Christmas greenery. They add beauty and bring your garden to life with the al fresco Christmas mood.

If you don’t have space constraints, you could add a decorative Christmas tree in your garden, complete with white or multi-colored lights.

Wrapping Up

Preparations for the festive season are starting to take shape and you should be thinking about how you are going to decorate your home this year. Hopefully these ideas will be handy if you’re stuck in a bit of creativity rut.

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