Hottest Design Trends of 2014 for Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom is not just a functional place. With the right design and the right features, your bathroom can feel like an oasis away from the world. You won’t feel like you need to go to the spa. You can just open the door to your own master bath and feel like you are at a luxurious resort. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can make it feel more expansive than its four walls.

Checking out some of the latest home decorating trends can give you some great ideas for transforming your bathroom. Here are a few of the hottest design trends of 2014 to give you inspiration for your bathroom:

Framed Mirrors

Builder’s mirrors are a common feature of bathrooms. They are the plain mirrors that are stuck to the wall with those tiny metal or plastic hangars all around the sides. They do the job, but they aren’t that pretty.

You can easily frame a mirror with a piece of wood molding, tile or some other decorative border. It’s a quick DIY project that will make a big difference. You can also hire a handyman to do it for you if you aren’t sure about your skills.

Designer Lighting

You don’t have to settle for a simple recessed light in the ceiling or track lighting over your vanity. You can install luxurious lighting anywhere in your bathroom, such as a crystal chandelier over your bathtub or a designer pendant light over the vanity.

A well-placed and well-chosen lighting fixture can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. Plus, it’s a simple change that doesn’t cost a ton of money.


If you want really dramatic lighting, you can install a fireplace in your bathroom. You’ll need to have some space to make this one work. However, if you’ve got the square footage, you can install a fireplace next to your bathtub for some romantic or cozy ambience.

A traditional, open fireplace would look great next to an old-fashioned claw-foot tub, or you can install a glass, gas-powered fireplace next to your garden tub. Create a soothing place to relax and forget your cares.

Glass Tile

Tile is the perfect choice for bathrooms since it is resistant to water damage and is easy to clean. Your choice in tile can make a big impact on the look of the bathroom. Think beyond color choice. Glass tile can create a shimmery, almost underwater appearance to your bathroom, especially if you select a blue or green hue.

Experiment with different colors of glass tiles to create different looks. Larger, red tiles, for example, can create a sophisticated and luxurious look.

Floor Heating

Stepping out of a hot shower or bath onto a cold floor is jarring — not at all what you want when you’ve had a soothing and relaxing soak. One of the biggest trends of 2014 is floor heating. The tiles or planks are heated by coils below the floor, which creates a comfortable, relaxing environment. You’ll be surprised at how much the floors can warm your whole body from the feet up.

Curbless Showers

Curbless showers offer a streamlined look that is modern and stylish. Instead of a demarcation between

The shower and the floor, the room runs continuously into the shower. A drain is placed at the center of the shower to funnel the water down, or the drain can be placed under the shower door, catching the water before it has a chance to run out onto the floor.

Water Efficiency

Green is the new black, and eco-friendly designs are popular for every room of your home. Water-efficient toilets, showers and sinks are in style for bathrooms. Check out toilets that give you different flush options for different types of waste and low-flow sinks and shower heads. You’ll save money, and you’ll be doing your part to preserve our precious natural resources.

Multi-Head Showers

On the other end of the environmental spectrum is indulgence rather than conservation. Multi-head showers allow you and your partner to enjoy a warm shower at the same time, with neither one of you standing in the cold while you wait your turn for a rinse. Of course, you can also enjoy the shower by yourself if you want to feel like you are under your own personal waterfall.

If it’s time to give your bathroom an update, consider trying out one of these decorating trends for 2014. You’ll create a new look for your bathroom while also improving its functionality, creating a spa-like space in your own home.

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