Hottest Trends for Playrooms

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No one wants to trip over toys in their living room — or the kitchen, or the dining room, or anywhere else they aren’t supposed to be. Yet many parents can find it difficult to convince their children to contain their playthings to their own bedrooms. Setting up a dedicated playroom offers the perfect compromise, giving children a place to play free while also helping you to keep your sanity by keeping the toys contained.

Playrooms also offer some fun decorating opportunities. They don’t have to be glorified toy boxes with things just thrown inside willy nilly. They can be designed just like any other room in the house to combine style and function.

Here are a few of the hottest trends for playrooms for you to consider for your own playroom:

Designer Wallpaper

Forget about old-fashioned wallpaper with dated floral designs or fairy-tale murals. The hottest trends for playrooms include designer wallpapers that would look just as home in any other part of your home. You can experiment with color and bold designs a little more freely, such as bright oranges arranged in geometric lines or blue hot air balloons all in a row across the sea blue sky.

Don’t feel like you have to cover the whole room with this wallpaper. Covering only one wall is fashionable and helps make a greater impact. Paint the remaining walls a complementary color, or even paint each wall a different color that ties the decor together.

Decals are a good choice if you want to create a patterned wall but don’t want to ruin the drywall with wallpaper. Decals are easily removable, so they won’t damage the wall and they allow you to change the look on a whim.

Grey and Yellow Color Scheme

You can design your playroom in any color scheme you wish. However, the combination of grey and yellow is particularly popular right now. You can go big with the color scheme by painting the walls grey and hanging yellow curtains (or vice versa), or you can create a neutral palette with a white wall and then place accessories in the grey and yellow color scheme. A grey couch with a yellow chevron rug and yellow pillows would look lovely. Other accessories to consider include colored fabric bins for toys, lamps, shelving, and toys that are displayed on shelves.


Poufs are like oversized bean bags, but they are a bit more stylish than the neon or tie-dyed versions you may have had in college. They are perfect for seating for a kids’ playroom because they are soft and comfortable. Kids will love plopping down in one to read or take a rest from play. They are also malleable without being damaged, so they will withstand kids jumping on them in a way that a sofa would not.

Choose fabrics like microfiber that will enhance your design while also being resistant to stains and spills. Choose oversized poufs to accommodate the adults as well as the kids. Place a couple strategically throughout the playroom, either to complement seating like a couch or to replace it.

Timeless Design

You don’t have to limit yourself to kids’ motifs when decorating your playroom. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. Children quickly outgrow their interests, and you don’t want to have to redesign your playroom every couple of years (if not more frequently). Choose a Hello Kitty theme now, and you’ll likely be trading it out with One Direction in another year or so.

Instead, choose a more “grown up” design that will remain stylish over time. Make the room accessible and comfortable for children, but choose a design that is more attractive to a larger audience. Choose solid colors for the walls, colors that won’t look out of place with the design in the rest of your home, and designer furnishings. Make sure you include functional pieces, as well, such as plenty of shelving for toys, ottomans and low shelving, and baskets and fabric bins.

Playrooms offer an opportunity to create a fun yet stylish space in your home. You can provide a fun place for your children to play while also helping to keep your home more organized, keeping toys out of common areas to reduce clutter. These hot design trends can give you some ideas for putting together your new playroom. You’ll create a space that looks just as stylish and put together as the rest of your home, and you can also have some fun with some different design choices.

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