Kitchen Trends to Inspire You

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The kitchen is a homey nook in any house, a room where meals are made and families sit down and share their day over dinner. However, over time, even a good kitchen can become a little bit boring. If you’re in the market to remodel or redesign your kitchen, you will want to choose a trend that will be popular for many years to come so that you know that you made a solid investment. If you’re feeling a little uninspired, the following kitchen trends will look great and stun family members and guests.

Let Some Color In

If tired colors like black, white, gray, and beige seem a little boring to you, then let your kitchen shine with some real hues. Sinks especially look great with a dash of green, red, orange, blue, or yellow. These colors will make doing the dishes fun, or at least you can tell the kids that when you put them on dish duty. Try to pick a shade that will complement rather than clash with the rest of the colors in your kitchen for the best look.

Embrace Hydraulics

In a world where technology continues to change on the daily, some of that has filtered into home decor. For example, kitchen cabinets, shelves, and pantries now tend to include hydraulics that allow for quick opening and closing with very little effort on your end. You won’t have to hear the slamming of cabinet doors any longer. You can also save time with meal preparation anytime you’re in the kitchen.

Forget Manual Appliances

Ideal for children who made a mess or someone with sticky hands, sinks and other kitchen appliances are now automated. Rather than require you to manually turn on a sink, these appliances may need you to tap them or have a sensor that detects motion so that the sink turns on automatically. If you’re someone who cooks a lot and constantly washes your hands when dealing with raw meats or cracked uncooked eggs, being able to wash your hands without contaminating the sink handle is a lifesaver. There’ll be less mess for you to clean up too.

Turn on the Lights

Of course, a beautiful kitchen will still look dull if you have those same old lights that were there when you bought the house. By choosing bigger light fixtures with interesting and brave designs that still match the rest of your kitchen, you modernize the space with very little effort. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend, changing out the lights alone could be enough to make your kitchen suddenly much more impactful.

Consider Going Gray

If you have a relatively small budget for improvements in your kitchen, you can make a big impact by changing the color scheme from white to gray. While white is still a popular hue, according to HGTV, gray will soon make resurgence. Therefore, embracing the color now will ensure that your kitchen looks modern for years. Cabinets and countertops in the demure hue attract the eye somewhat more than regular white does.

Reconsider Your Countertops

Countertops are an expensive investment, and so they may have been one that you’ve been holding off on until you can save up enough money. However, if you’re dealing with faded or unattractive countertops, the wait can seem so much longer. HGTV recommends that instead of buying that top-notch brand name countertop that you saw in a magazine or online that you buy a close copy instead. For example, instead of a pricy granite countertop, the one you purchase may be made out of strong laminate. It looks just like the granite version but doesn’t have such a huge price tag.

Store to Your Heart’s Content

With hydraulics and more evolved cabinets, shelves, and pantries, storage space has increased exponentially. The designs of these spaces keep the regular homeowner in mind who has a lot of cups, bowls, utensils, plates, Tupperware, and kitchen appliances to neatly put away. If you’re someone who’s always cramming for space with your current cabinets, upgrading these and your pantries can allow you to enjoy a cleaner kitchen.

Match Your Kitchen to the House

If you’re going all-out and completely remodeling your kitchen, HGTV suggests that you try to pick a design that will match the rest of the house as closely as possible. This creates a type of connectivity between room to room that you cannot achieve otherwise. The trick also makes your kitchen that much more attractive, meaning that you’ll want to spend more time there than ever before.

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