How to Make Your Home Look Futuristic and Fun

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The future is now. If you want your home to look like the kind of residence you’d find aboard a top-notch spacecraft, you can. Rooms like the bathroom, living room, backyard, office, and bedroom can all be transformed by simply swapping out objects and replacing them with funky, fun, and futuristic options.


If you want to revitalize and update your bathroom, consider switching your sink. If you think that you’re bound by bland white porcelain models, the world of sinks has expanded greatly. For children, Meridiana, a company based in Italy, has produced deep, bowl-like sinks decorated to look like soccer balls, baseballs, and basketballs. For those that don’t have kids, you’ll appreciate a sink designed by Flux, which features a transparent bowl-like sink and a large circular storage container beneath that comes in a range of modern colors.

Pendant Lamps

The lights that illuminate your home can also look fresh and futuristic. Pendant lamps make a huge impact on their own, but when you find some with interesting designs, that impact is far greater. For example, lamp producer Slamp has made a pendant that looks like a large purple flower. The flowing and bending glass connects with straight edges to produce a creative piece.

If you appreciate more contemporary decor, a brand called Alma Light has a drop-down light, which simply looks like a large light bulb with a chrome base. It’s simple and would work in any type of room that has plenty of decorative touches and needs utilitarian lights. A brand called Zero produces beam lights that you can adjust like spotlights around a room as needed.

Lounge Chairs and Footstools

Even the standard lounge chair has been redesigned with more flair and fun in mind. Egg chairs will certainly stand out to guests, as these have deeper seats for a more comfortable feel. The footstools that accompany these types of chairs tend to have a heavy dip in them too for the optimal relaxation experience.

For a really futuristic lounge chair, invest in the Gaetano Pesce piece called the UP5 chair. Recalling ancient art and its preference for voluptuous women, this chair mimics those curves with a rounded top and raised arm rests. The footstool is also circular. Infectious stripes of bronze and beige cover the entire chair.

Metal Fire Pits

If you don’t own any fire pits, you may want to consider changing that. Most of these metal warmers have evolved with home decor trends to look sleek rather than bulky. Having one of these will actually add rather than take away from your home. Some of them are colored metal and look more like decorative sculptures than fire pits, while others embrace their metal roots and feature artistic designs around the edges to make using these a delight. You can also find more standard designs if these match your preferences. However, no matter what kind you choose, if you plan on doing any outdoor entertaining on a cool autumn night, a fire pit will keep you and your guests warm while generating lots of wows.


Whether you work from home or take your job home with you, if you feel like you don’t get enough privacy in your home office, you’ll be pleased to know how far office trends have come. The OfficePOD is a United Kingdom creation that is a completely separate entity from the house. As the name suggests, it’s a pod that you erect in your backyard or other outdoors space to get some work done and have a nice view as well. Before you buy your OfficePOD, you can choose whether you want air conditioning or heating in it, what kinds of light sources you want, what power sources you’ll utilize, and what type of ventilation you want.

An OfficePOD will last you for about 25 years and can be moved, making it a worthwhile investment if you need to get some work done. You can buy pre-designed OfficePODs or even completely create your own according to your needs.

Tree-Shaped Bookshelves

Enchant your children and any guests with tree-shaped bookshelves. These come in a range of thicknesses and designs; some have thinner branches where you can place your books while some are wider and able to store more books per branch. If your current shelf isn’t inspiring you, one of these might. They also come in a range of colors, making them attractive. These bookshelves go right against a wall just like any other, but they take up far less space and increase the aesthetics of your home. You’ll want to toss your regular old bookshelf.

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