Making the most of your small bathroom

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Not everyone can actually afford a mansion or a home that has the perfect size for every room in the house. Some of us, most of us, have to make do with what we have until such time as we can afford those remodels or to actually purchase a new, larger, home.

So what do you do in the meantime? If you have a small bathroom that needs to be more functional, consider these few hacks to make the most of your small space. Be creative and try to economize wherever you can so as to save as many inches as possible.


The most important thing in your bathroom (aside from the functional aspects) is the lighting. If you have a small bathroom space that you need to make the most of, your first priority is ensuring you have optimal lighting. Use as much natural light as possible and complement it with artificial light. The brighter the space, the bigger it will seem.


Consider painting the bathroom a light (or white) color, and keeping the ceiling the same tone as well. Consistency from the walls to the ceiling make the eyes follow in a natural path and make it all seem like one instead of having a divide that goes along with color blocking. Light or pale colors also make rooms seem bigger and brighter.


The bathroom is the only place where no one will judge if you have a lot of mirrors. And mirrors create the perfect optical illusion for small spaces. By using mirrors on more than one wall, your room will automatically seem to double (or quadruple) in size. Plus, you can never have enough mirrors to capture all the angles.

Glass Not Doors

If space is an issue, which it is since you’re reading this, then the ideal hack is to remove any shower doors or curtains and replace them with glass doors or walls instead. You’ll open up the room, making the shower part of the whole space, as opposed to creating a divide.

Shelves Not Cabinets

Similarly, keeping the design open means installing shelves instead of cabinets or cupboards. This will also make the room feel more open and spacious and let it all flow naturally.

Small Sinks

Most of your washing will (likely) be done in the shower. So the sink is really meant for brushing your teeth, washing your hands and perhaps your face. So do you really need an oversized (or regular sized) sink? Probably not. Make the use of every inch of space and save some of that footprint for other items that you can’t actually compromise on. Consider also saving floor space by mounting sinks on the wall instead of installing vanities. This, too, will give the illusion of more space and make a small bathroom feel like a slightly bigger one (there’s only so much we can do after all!).

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