Modern Bathroom Designs For A Handicapped Accessible Home

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Diseases, accidents, and old age are some of the factors that can lead to physical disability. If you have a physically challenged person in your home, it is your responsibility to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Modern home architecture has evolved such that it is possible to make every part of the house easily accessible to a disabled person.

When designing a home with a disabled person in mind, the bathroom should have special features to accommodate them. This is because it can be very frustrating and challenging for the person to use a normal home bathroom. The main idea of a bathroom should be to focus on relaxation and hygiene. When designing a bathroom for a disabled person, you should make sure that it is comfortable, relaxing, and functional.

Modern bathroom trends blend clever building solutions with safety functions and attractive finishes. They focus on functionality comfort and safety as well as elegance. Here are some hot bathroom trends that you can adopt to make your home more accessible.

Modern technology

New trendy bathrooms come with modern technology that can help in many ways. You can have digital faucets that have motion sensors so that it’s unnecessary to reach for taps and showerheads. Remote controlled water pressure and water temperatures are another handy new feature. You can even remote control the opening and closing of doors and lights.

Custom walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are a hot trend for bathrooms today since they are both functional and elegant. The best way to build a walk-in shower for a disabled person is to build a walk-in shower on the floor level. This allows the person to ride a wheelchair into the shower easily. You can customize a wheelchair that is water resistant to help the person with easy entry and exit. A sliding door is perfect for such a shower since it requires less struggle and force to open and close.

Custom faucet levels

If the bathroom comes with sinks, shower heads, taps and other faucets, it is best to install them at a comfortable level. Have showerheads, soap holders, towel rods, and other amenities that are within reach for a person seated on a wheelchair or the bathroom seat. Install taps and faucets close to each other such that the person does not have to go to different corners of the bathroom to operate them.

Walk in bathtub

For many years, people have been afraid of bathtubs when it comes to disabilities due to the risk of accidental drowning. However, there are trendy modern walk in bathtubs that are as high as four inches making it easy for a disabled person to access. They come with safety rods for the person to hold on as they enter and exit. The floor of the tub has anti-skid features for safety and comfort.

Custom toilet heights

Gone are the days when all toilets were the same shape and the same height. With modern bathroom trends, you are able to get a toilet that is comfortable for the person you have in mind. To minimize the toilet seat struggle, simply establish the comfort zone of the person and get a toilet with comfortable measurements. They also come with safety bars on the side to help the person get on the seat comfortably.

Wide bathroom entrance

To make it easy for a disabled person to enter the bathroom, the door needs to be wide enough for a wheelchair to maneuver easily. Installing a ramp helps the person to maneuver with ease. You can also ensure that the bathroom has a zero-step entrance. For the sake of privacy, consider less challenging doors such as sliding doors or wraparound curtains to cover the entrance.

 Seats and safety bars

If you have limited space for your bathroom, seats and grab bars come in handy. For added safety, install grab bars in the bathroom since a wheelchair may fit in there well. They help the person to get around easily. If you have amenities on different levels, install bars on different levels as well. You can add seats in the bathroom to make the experience more relaxing and comfortable.

Custom sinks

Normal bathroom vanities have no space under the sink to fit a wheelchair and it is a big challenge. To change that, you can have custom sinks that are low enough for a person in a wheelchair to reach the sink to enable them to wash their hands, their face, and even to brush their teeth. They should have enough space under the vanity for the wheelchair to fit comfortably.

Antiskid floor materials

It is wise to have skidproof floor materials in all bathrooms whether you have a disabled person in mind or not. Disabled people, children, and the elderly are most likely to fall in bathrooms resulting in major injuries. Installing anti-skid floor coating is safe for every person using the bathroom. The safety measure should be taken on the floor, walk-in shower, as well as the tub.

Elegance and fun

A bathroom should be a little heaven in the home for you to revitalize your body as well as relax. Do not assume that a bathroom for a disabled person should be focused on function and have no fun features at all. Install relaxing murals, fun soap and towel holders, fun lighting, mirrors, plants, and relaxing interior décor.

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