Modern Home Trends of 2014: Mixing Indoor and Out

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2014 is full of design trends that will have homeowners excited to create a new room or thinking about remodeling an old one. Ethnic prints, bronze accents and corduroy couches are just a few examples of what’s on tap this year. But one trend that it really taking the home design world by storm is challenging the boundaries of interior versus exterior. That’s right, designers and decorators are mixing indoor and outdoor elements to create completely unique room designs that have never been seen before.

A traditional house makes homeowners pick between inside and outside. Inside is for couches, tables and carpets. Outside is for grass, lawn furniture and trees. But homeowners and designers around the globe are sick of this ultimatum. As a result, the two mind frames are being mixed together resulting in relaxing living rooms and breathtaking bedrooms that make visitors feel like they’re comfortably outside (without bugs, rain or a chilly breeze).

A green carpet and blue walls can give the feeling of being outside, but barely. Let’s start from the floor up and discuss what types of materials and décor is now being used by designers to blend inside and outside into one cohesive room. This type of design can work for any type of room kitchen, living, bedroom or bathroom just to name a few. However, for the sake of explaining, a living room is a great place to apply this design.

First of all, ditch that carpet. A natural wood or stone floor gives rooms a grounded feel. Wood and stone are both building and design materials that come right from the earth, so they bring that feeling into any room. And they are just as diverse as a carpet. Wood comes in all different shades and tones, while stone offers the same advantage.

However, stone and wood can sometimes be cold, and not all that cozy when it comes to bedrooms and living rooms, but that’s what area rugs are for. Instead of covering up the whole floor with one carpet, using area rugs creates sections of a room and can utilize a wider variety of colors. A light green area rug on top of wood triggers thoughts of grass, while a blue rug on top of a stone floor, reflects water.

So what about furniture? Luckily, this trend is spreading and now more than ever, naturally-created and designed furniture can easily be found. Wooden furniture will always aid in the natural environment of a room, but there are a lot more options than that. Designers are using outdoor furniture as an alternative to classic couches and reclining chairs. Wicker furniture comes in a wide variety of colors and often features fabric upholstery for more comfort than traditional plastic lawn chairs. Lawn furniture sold in stores today aren’t just individual chairs, but rather sets that come with tables, couches and pillows.

If patio furniture seems like a little much for a living room, there are couches and loveseats on the market made from fabric with patterns like wood or stone that could greatly enhance this interior design without having to sacrifice comfort and traditional living room furniture. On side tables or coffee tables, decoration like rock formations and small plants bring even more life into the room.

Speaking of rock formations, rocks are a very underutilized building and décor material. Fake rock facades are used all the time for home exteriors, but real rocks can be chosen and installed to look natural while creating a fireplace or border around a flat-screen television. Long, flat rocks can be used as shelving and small rocks can be used to fill in any gaps.

A neutral color on the walls will keep attention on the centerpieces of the room, whether it is a stone fireplace or tree-trunk coffee table. A light beige or grey adds to the room without taking any attention of its own. A neutral painted wall is also the perfect canvas for complementary décor. Some ideas for on-theme décor include a fish tank, carved wood sculptures or ornaments, fresh flowers and seasonal gems like pumpkins or colored leaves.

An indoor/outdoor room created the right way will have guests wondering if they are in an outside oasis or an indoor nature retreat. Bringing the outside in adds elements of relaxation, air, ground and nature to a home. These elements that can normally only be found in a backyard or nearby park, are now being experienced in homes across the country. The best part is that this type of interior design totally customizable and creates a one-of-a-kind room for everyone who lives there or visits to enjoy.

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