Modern Vintage: Updates You can Make to Get a Classic Look for Your Home

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You don’t have to move into a historic home to get a vintage look. Working with a contractor can help you make upgrades to your home that will make it look older than it is to give it some vintage charm.

You can make minor cosmetic changes, or you can work with your contractor to undergo an entire remodel. Here are a few things you can do to give your home amore vintage feel:

Wooden Windows

Aluminum and vinyl windows were only introduced within the last century, so older homes all have wooden windows. Wood creates a certain rustic charm for a home, but it does have its downsides. For example, wood is prone to rotting and warping, so it needs a lot of care. Wooden windows may also need to be replaced more quickly.

You can get the look of wood without having to deal with the drawbacks of wood by choosing vinyl windows. Some vinyl window designs are created to mimic the look of wood. However, the vinyl will not warp or rot, so the windows require less maintenance and will last longer.

Entry Door

A carved, wooden entry door creates a classic look for your home. You can makeover your entire entryway by rebuilding the stoop or creating a new wooden or stone facade. However, if you are on a more limited budget, simply choosing the right entry door can be enough to create the look you want.

You can choose aluminum or steel for your door that is painted and designed to look like wood. The metal is more durable and provides more protection for your home. You can also get an insulated door that will improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Wooden shake tiles create a gorgeous rustic look for your home. You can re-roof your home with wooden shake tiles and create a vintage appearance.

Again, if you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of wood, you can choose materials like vinyl or even clay that are designed to look like wood.

If you have the budget for a bigger renovation, you can work with your contractor to create additional gables or other roofing accents that will mimic a vintage facade.


Wooden shake is also a popular choice for siding on vintage-inspired homes. It can create a dated and more rustic look that is perfect for restoration projects or for creating a more vintage look for your home.

Of course, the right siding choice depends on what style and period you are trying to emulate. In some cases, stone or stucco siding would be the better choice. If you want to resurface with these materials, you’ll need to work closely with a contractor versed in this style to reshape your exterior and install the right support structures.

Hardwood Floors

You can do a lot with furniture and home decor to give the interior of your home a more vintage look. However, if you want to update the interior structure, the best thing you can do is install hardwood floors.

These days, “hardwood” floors are very popular. However, they usually aren’t real hardwoods, but rather are pressed particle board with a laminate top. The boards are created to look like hardwood, but they do not have the longevity or the natural beauty.

Installing natural hardwood floors will give your home a more vintage look and will raise the value of your home. Plus, hardwood floors will suit any interior design you choose. If you get tired of the vintage look down the line, you can just change out the interior decor but can leave the hardwood floors intact.

Working with a good interior designer or a home builder is key to creating an authentic vintage look for your home. If you have the budget, you can completely remodel your home’s exterior, including the shape of the structure, the siding, and the roof. However, if you are on a limited budget, you can make minor cosmetic changes that will have a big impact, such as replacing the windows or choosing new siding.

You don’t have to have the budget to buy an authentic historic home. You can get the same look by working with a custom home builder to remodel even the most modern of homes.

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