Prints: The Next Home Design Trend?

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2014 is full of so many great interior design trends like bringing the outdoors in and reusing existing, pre-modernism buildings for new establishments. But 2015 is going to be even better. One of the biggest trends debuting in the upcoming year isn’t one specific color or accessory, but a type of print. Plaid, polka dots and stripes are both traditional and classic, but this trend kicks these patterns and more, up a notch. For small rooms, large rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms the newest trend is large print.

Not just limited to on one wall of a room, or in a center, circle rug, but in all different places throughout the home or office this trend can be utilized and make anything stand out. This also lets decorators, designers and home openers use a bigger variety of colors and textures that might no typically work well together. In fact, a large pattern that includes three completely different colors can be a great platform for designing the rest of a room.

One way the large prints are being used is for furniture upholstery. As an alternative for either expensive leather or typical solid colored cloth, large printed cloth can be used to transform an old chair into something brand new. This style of furniture is less busy and easier to match than a smaller print or vintage printed chair. In a yellow room, a chair or couch with a large blue, white and yellow pattern can pull the whole room together.

When designing a room, the large printed furniture can be a great guide. For example, a black chair with a large floral pattern of light green and light purple can help with choosing wall paint colors, bedspreads and other décor pieces. Light green walls with a purple bedspread and black accents will match and all interact with each other for a cohesive, intricate design.

Of course, furniture isn’t the only place that a large print can be used. These prints can now be found in wallpaper designs. For an accent wall in a dark colored room, a large print adds colors and breaks up solid color. Four walls of a large print should be avoided, as it will cause too much chaos on the walls, but one of two walls utilizing this trend is a great idea.

One of the main benefits of a large printed wallpapered wall is that is rarely requires additional pictures, décor or detailing. Most designers don’t want to cover up the pattern but rather show it off. Therefore, it can be left alone to speak for it, holding its own in any rooms it’s featured. For a young woman’s room, an extra large zebra printed wall in a pink or gray room can be the atmosphere and room a complete hit.

If the large print won’t work on a wall, give it a try on the floor. Rugs in different patterns and fabrics can be purchased that contain this trend. This is a great way to add a large print to any room without completely replacing the carpet. Rugs also add depth and can transform a lain room into something with layers of design. Round rugs can be a focal part to a kitchen or living room, while a rectangle rug under a bed adds warmth. A large patterned rug is also a fun element for children’s rooms or modernly styled dens.

If furniture, wallpaper or a rug doesn’t fit the room, large prints can also be found in accent pieces and décor. For example, large paisleys, animal prints or essentially any element in the form of a picture of painting is always an option. This piece can be moved around the room and is less permanent than wallpaper and could be less expensive than a chair or couch. This option can also be added to any existing, already designed room.

Large patterns can have anywhere from one to five or six different colors. This means that adding something with a large pattern to a room will be easy. These prints are affluent and diverse. The variety of colors in each also makes a large printed piece easy to match with any room. Keeping an eye out for these prints in stores, magazines and on TV will be easy since this trend works for essentially any type of style. Classic homes can benefit from a large, Victorian pattern in pastel colors, while a chic, modern home can find a geometric, large print that has bright colors and crisp prints.

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