Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Energy-Efficient Appliances

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Not many homeowners who are shopping for new appliances will consider energy-efficient appliances for their new or renovated homes. But they should. The price tag might be a little heftier right out of the gate, however it will save them money in the long run and help with the resale value of their home as well.

1. Utility Savings: An old dishwasher that is not energy-efficient will cost you an average of $35 more each year than an energy-efficient one. Though this doesn’t sound like much in the first year, think about how long dishwashers will last — 10 or 15  years at least? That works out to $350-$525 minimum. Now think about how much money you’ll save if you have an energy-efficient light bulbs, machine washer/dryer, HVAC, fireplace, refrigerator, oven and cooktop.

2. Rebates and Refunds: Most energy providers, big box stores and even the Federal and State governments offer rebate programs to help incentivize the purchase of energy-efficient appliances for your home or office. You can do the research yourself online to see what you qualify for in your area, or you can speak with your contractor who would know all the tricks of the trade.

3. Environmentally Friendly: It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, in this day and age we all try to do our own little parts to help Mother Nature get back what we’ve taken. These energy-efficient appliances will not-only help you save money, but will put less pressure on our beloved environment. It’s an important small step we can all take to do our parts.

4. Resale value: Not only will having energy-efficient appliances help you save money, but when you eventually sell your home, the new homeowners will definitely see the extra value these appliances bring to their new house. You might have gotten your return-on-investment throughout the years of use by saving on your utilities bill, but you’ll also see it bring up the value of your home when you list it. This investment will also show the future owners that you loved and cared for your home. This is important as everyone wants to know previous owners put in the time and energy to take care of their home the way they plan on doing for years to come.

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