Top Luxury Features to Consider for Your Custom Home

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Building a custom home is the chance to get exactly what you want out of your space. You don’t have to settle for practical features like granite countertops or bigger closets. You can take the opportunity to indulge yourself and get some of the things you’ve always wanted in a home.

If you are thinking of building a custom home in the near future, consider adding some of these top luxury features into the design:

Heated Floors

You may not think that heating the floors will do much for warming you on a cold day, but you would be surprised. Heated floors feel like a warm embrace that moves up your whole body. The heat inside your home doesn’t even need to be up that high; your heated floors will make you feel cozy and comfortable.

You can run heated floors through your whole home, and you can choose from materials like hardwoods or polished concrete. You can even put them in your bathroom. Just imagine how good that will feel when you step out of the warm shower! No more shivering as you desperately grasp for the towel when you hit that cold air.

Dressing Room

Don’t stop at asking for walk-in closets. Build an entire dressing room in your home. The dressing room should include plenty of rods and shelves for clothing and shoes, as well as room for you to move about and try on clothes. You might even put a bench or other seat in the middle of the room.

Ask for extras like floor-to-ceiling mirrors and ambient lighting to get the most out of your dressing room. You may even consider adding features like a vanity or specialty armoire.

Home Spa

A huge bathtub is a must for relaxing after a hard day. However, you can turn your bathroom into a full home spa with the right design features. Ask your custom home builder for things like walk-through showers, multiple shower heads, wide ledges around your tub for seating, soft lighting and even a built-in music system.

For your tub, consider features like whirlpool jets or chromatherapy, which filters lights through the water to create a soothing effect.

Specialty Wiring

Outlets aren’t always where we need them to be. In fact, they are often in out-of-the-way and inconvenient places. When you are designing your custom home, consider adding outlets where you’ll need them most. For example, outlets in your kitchen island will be convenient for plugging in your blender or other appliances. Outlets in your medicine cabinet will make it easy for you to plug in your curling iron or blow dryer. Outside, outlets in your garden or under your roof eaves will make it easy to plug in landscape lighting or holiday decorations.

Also consider talking to your custom home builder about specialty wiring for a home theater system. With the right structure in place, you can easily wire built-in speakers, video game systems and more without cluttering your space with electrical cords.

Driveway Alarm

If you are investing in a custom home, chances are that you are also investing in a sizable piece of property. If you have a long driveway leading into your property, a driveway alarm will prove very convenient. You will be alerted when people pull into your driveway so you can take a peak outside and see who is coming.

A driveway alarm can help you prepare for unexpected guests — like when family members pop round when you are slumming in your pajamas in the middle of the day. A driveway alarm is also a good security feature since it lets you know if unwanted trespassers are on your property.

Outdoor Features

Make the outside of your home as comfortable as the inside. Talk to your custom home builder about a beautiful patio that includes features like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and lounge seating. Include a bar for easy entertaining.

Outdoor water features can also make your home seem very sophisticated. These can include fountains, small waterfalls and more. You can incorporate these into a pool area or install them independently on your patio or in a garden area.

Take advantage of the possibilities that designing a custom home offers you. Work with your custom home builder to incorporate these and other luxury features in your new home. You’ll feel like you’re coming home to your own private hideaway. You’ll love coming home — in fact, you may never want to leave.

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