Top Myths about Custom Home Building

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Working with a contractor to create a custom home can help you get exactly what you want in a home. You don’t have to search the market for months waiting to find your dream home. You can just tell your home builder your vision, and you can delight in watching it come to life.

Though buying a custom home has many benefits, many consumers feel hesitant to explore custom home options because they have misconceptions about what the process entails. We’re here to help dispel some of those myths.

Here are some of the top myths about custom home building and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: A Custom Home is Too Expensive

Any time you get a custom item or one that is modified to suit your tastes, you may think that it will be more expensive than the standard option. With custom homes, this myth is especially predominant.

The truth is that price is influenced by a lot of variables, and a custom home is not necessarily more expensive than an existing home with comparable features.

Builders that have long-standing relationships with suppliers can often get better pricing on materials. Builders that are dedicated to managing their costs and cutting overhead and waste will also bring in a lower project price. A hard-working team of builders will also finish the job in less time, which will bring down costs.

More important to the final cost of the project than whether you are building a custom home or shopping for an existing home, is the quality and professional practices of the company that built the home.

Myth #2: It Takes Too Long to Build a Custom Home

You may have heard horror stories about custom homes taking a year to two to build – or sometimes even longer. However, these are rare cases that are brought about by working with the wrong company or by miscommunication problems that lead to work having to be redone or new supplies ordered.

If you work with the right company and are communicating well right from the start, you can expect your custom home to be built in about six months. Of course, larger homes and those with more complicated design features may take a little longer.

Myth #3: The Custom Home Building Process is a Big Hassle

Common misconceptions about the custom home building process include ideas about how complicated or stressful the process is. You may have heard stories of numerous builder delays, problems getting materials, time-consuming meetings with the designer, problems getting permits, and so on.

Again, working with the right custom home builder is key to having a good experience. Experienced, professional home builders will make the process an easy one. Meetings will be productive, and they will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. A plan will be put in place to get all supplies, permits and inspections on time so that the build is not delayed. Strong communication will ensure that you get exactly what you envision in the home.

Myth #4: Custom Home Builders Will Only Steer Me toward Expensive Upgrades and Features

Sure, custom home builders make their profits based on the total cost of your home. But they also make their profits on a good reputation and referrals from their clients. If they continue to push homebuyers into expensive upgrades that they don’t actually want or can’t afford, they won’t earn a reputation for good service, and they will quickly lose business.

Again, finding the right custom home builder to work with is key. Research each home builder you are considering working with, including reading online review from previous customers or calling referrals. You should not only look at examples of other homes the contractor has built but should also talk to former customers about the type of experiences they had. You should work with a builder who has a beautiful portfolio as well as a reputation for providing exceptional service.

Building a custom home can be the answer to getting the home of your dreams. However, hiring the wrong home builder could turn that dream experience into a nightmare.

Find the right home builder and then enjoy the process of creating your dream home. Once you move into your new home, you will never want to live anywhere else. Start dreaming up the vision for your new home today and then reach out to custom home builders who can make it possible.

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