Top Trends for Your Bedroom Makeover in 2015

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Your bedroom should be a cozy oasis away from the world. You can retreat there to relax and rejuvenate at the end of each day.

Your bedroom is also a reflection of your personal style. There are many ways to get the same functionality, but the design you choose shows off your unique personality. When you go to your bedroom, you should feel like you are completely at ease — like you are in a space that is uniquely your own.
With so many design options available, you may have a hard time choosing. Your tastes may not be singular, and many decor schemes may appeal to you. Reviewing current trends can help you get some ideas to make your bedroom feel like a special place.

Here are a few top trends to consider for your bedroom makeover in 2015:

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Black and grey may seem like gloomy colors, but when you combine black, grey and white in the right pattern, you can create a stylish decor scheme. You don’t need to go to extreme measures, like painting your walls black. Instead, consider white or soft grey walls with black furniture or accents like a black vase or a black rug. The idea is to use the colors in a complementary manner.

Imagine a room with soft grey walls, a black and white rug in a Greek key design, simple floral silhouettes in black and white on the walls, bedding in grey and white stripes and vases of fresh white flowers. Experiment with the ratio of colors and the different shades to create different looks. Just changing out key accessories can also make a big impact.
Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are very popular right now, and they create a sophisticated look that can elevate the decor of the whole room. You will be amazed at the difference simply changing out your headboard can make.
You don’t have to buy a whole new headboard to get this look. You can cover your current headboard with foam and fabric. If your headboard features bars or lattice work, you can use a simple piece of plywood as the base for your new, upholstered headboard.

An upholstered headboard can be made of plain fabric or patterned fabric, and it can be the same size as the old headboard, or it can be large enough to touch the ceiling. You can create separate upholstered panels that come together to make the headboard, or you can include buttons and tufting. Each option you choose will have an impact on the final look.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Everything old becomes new again. The popular wisdom in fashion is that if you simply hang on to an item long enough, it will become popular again. The same is true for furniture.

Mid-century modern furniture has made a big comeback in the last couple of years. This furniture — popular during the 1950s — features clean lines and simple designs. It is similar to Danish furniture. Options include low-lying beds with simple headboards, plain boxy dressers, and simple night stands. Take a look through an Ikea catalog and you’ll see plenty of options.

Floral Wall Art

Floral prints never seem to go out of style. Right now, floral wall art is a hot choice for bedroom decor.
Don’t think that your choices are limited to gaudy, frilly displays. You don’t have to choose Victorian-style oil paintings. Modern floral wall art can include silhouettes, geometric patterns, and even simple line graphics. Wall art can include traditional paintings, screen prints, graphics, or even vinyl decals.

You can choose a large print that covers the whole wall, or you can choose a series of postcard-sized prints that you put together in a collage-type display. As with many other bedroom trends, you have a lot of options to customize the style to match your personal tastes.

While you don’t want to chase trends to design your home, you can review yearly trends to get a few ideas about how to decorate your space to make it feel more like your own. You can adopt one of the trends for your space, or you can adapt it to suit your needs.

These design trends can make your bedroom feel more stylish and inviting. Consider trying out one of these decorating options in your room this year. You’ll makeover your space and feel like you are living a life of luxury. Your bedroom will feel like a haven away from the world.

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