Trends to Consider for Your Custom Deck

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A beautiful deck will not only complement your home, but it will also create a great place for you to entertain guests once the weather starts to warm up. You can grill up some delicious steaks and enjoy some cold beverages with friends. Or you can sit outside and soak up some sun while you enjoy the natural scenery by yourself.

The right deck will make you and your guests comfortable while also offering you all the functionality you need — such as providing a place for your deck or fire pit — and increasing the value of your home.

If you want to build a new deck or remodel your current deck, now is the time to start making your plans so that it is ready for the summer. Here are a few top trends you might want to consider for your custom deck:

Hidden Fasteners

One reason that people like wooden decks so much is that they have a natural look. The wood blends seamlessly with the home and the natural surroundings. Yet one downfall of wooden decks is that the brackets, screws and other fasteners are prominent. For some, these fasteners detract from the look of the deck.

A popular trend right now is to use hidden deck fasteners. The deck is constructed in such a way so that all you see are the planks of wood crossing in a beautiful pattern. All screws and other fasteners are located below deck. You won’t even see a screw head.

Inset Lighting

There aren’t exactly a lot of outlets in your backyard, and running extension cords to your deck is unsightly. Talk to your contractor about inset lighting to get the visibility and ambience you want.

Inset lighting is installed in the boards of the deck. All the wiring runs below deck, and the recessed lights are placed inside the boards. Lights might be placed along the stairs, under seating, or along railings. You’ll see everything you need but nothing you don’t want (like a tangle of cords).

Built-In Seating

Patio furniture can take up a lot of space on your deck, and it can be hard to find furniture that blends in with the design of your deck. Instead, ask your contractor to include built-in seating with your deck design.

Seats can be placed along every edge of the deck or at strategic locations. You can add cushions or colored pillows for additional comfort or design accents. Just make sure you choose cushions made with waterproof fabric so they do not become moldy.

Water Features

Water features can make any patio or deck seem more sophisticated and attractive. With a deck, you have several options. You can choose a water fountain for a more formal look, or you can opt for a more natural looking stone waterfall or pond. These features can be built right into the middle of the deck or as an accent at the side.

Place potted plants around your water features, or ask your contractor to build beds into the deck.

Curved Sides

Traditionally, most decks are giant square or rectangular areas. If you want to make an impact with your deck, ask your contractor to create a unique design that incorporates curved sides. The stairs may abut one long, curved side, or you can make a bold statement with a circular deck.

Experiment with some different options to find a design that best complements your house. The deck shouldn’t look so unique that it stands out from your home design.

Composite Decks

Pressure-treated wood has a beautiful, natural look and generally stands up over time with the proper maintenance. However, it still requires repainting or re-staining, and it can break down after enough time has passed.

Composite decks are made of materials that are a mix of wood and plastic. You get the look of traditional decking, but you don’t have to paint or stain the deck. The material lasts much longer and it requires minimal maintenance.

Rooftop Decks

If you live in the city, you may not think you have enough room for a spacious deck. However, if you live in a condo or similar structure, you may be able to build a deck right on your roof. Not only will you get the space you want for entertaining, but you’ll also have a gorgeous view of the city.

A contractor can examine your space and let you know if a rooftop deck will be possible. Your roof must be at the right pitch and your underlying structure able to support the weight. Many modifications may be necessary.

If you are ready to get the deck of your dreams for your home this year, consider talking to a contractor about incorporating some of these design trends. You’ll get a deck you love, and you’ll significantly increase the value of your home.

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