Wood & Metal: The Next Revolution

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Interior decorating has always pushed the boundaries and mixed the unexpected together to create a cohesive, interesting room. A new trend on the horizon mixes natural with man-made for a unique style in any room. Mixing wood and metal together in décor, furniture and the design of a room is popping up more and more often creating, functional, visual spaces.

Dark wood and dark metal. Light wood and light metal. Or a mixture of all these kinds comes together for a blend of textures and tastes that is sure to catch the eye. As a whole, wooden floors can be used as the basis for this design. Homes or offices that have old or new wooden floors lend themselves perfectly to this trend. Industrial ceilings and exposed metal is the perfect match for this type of floor. Past the floor and ceiling, adding to this design is fairly simple too.

For example, instead of traditional leather or fabric couches, metal-framed furniture plays off of the flooring and creates this interesting, on trend, balance. On a light wooden floor, light silver metal can make the room feel more open, sleek and modern. On the other hand, a dark cherry or mahogany floor with dark gray or even near-black metal promotes warmth and depth. However, there are so many more combinations than that. All different tones and hues of wood flooring and metal furniture can be mixed together depending on budget, room and personal taste.

But this of course isn’t the only way to bring wood and metal together. This can also be done just in the furniture itself. A lot of buildings have carpet instead of wood flooring, but they can still take advantage of this trend. Metal bases with fabric or leather cushions are become more prevalent in furniture stores and especially online. Chairs with metal legs and upholstered seats along with metal coffee tables that feature a wooden top can all be added to a carpeted room.

Side tables with wood tops and metal legs can add these elements to a room. In a bedroom, a wooden bedframe can exist alongside a metal dresser and vanity. A room that is painted with dark colors or has a dark design might match well with darker metal and wood. Whereas a lighter room, like light blue or gray, could be the perfect fit for light wood and metal furniture.

If you like the ideas of this trend but still aren’t sure about changing your flooring or furniture, you still have another option. You can find, purchase and utilize décor that adheres to this trend – or you can make décor that’s inspired by this trend. Metal finished frames are a great start, for elements like branches or knotted wood. A framed piece that features actually pieces of wood not only adds interest but texture to a room. Shiny or dull metal vases with bouquets of long wooden branches are another idea for on top of a dresser or side table. These vases can be moved, changed season to season and of course aren’t a permanent design decision.

All of these types of décor, frames, vases and branches can be purchased at almost any home good or department store. The more popular this trend becomes, the more accessible these types of items will be. But some designers like a more hands-on approach, especially when it comes to such a natural element.

A great example includes glass candleholders in which the candle sits in the middle and the glass surrounds it like a vase. These can be found in all different sizes and a relatively inexpensive. Taking these candleholders and painting them a metal tone brings in the more industrial side of this trend. Then, after finding small twigs, the twigs can be glued horizontally around the entire candleholder. Since they are not all perfectly straight, the metal background will be seen behind them. All in one piece of décor, metal and wood is mixed and also brings in the element of heat and fire by lighting the candle.

The best thing about this interior decorating trend is that it can be a whole room or just a few pieces of décor. The variety of wood or metal materials and objects on the market are various and plentiful. If you want something lighter or darker, bigger or smaller, there is sure to be something out there for your taste. The hardness of metal and warmth of wood mix together to compliment existing designs or create a whole new one.

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